Heritage Series T-Shirts Available NOW!


We are proud to introduce the Barber Heritage Series t-shirts. Our fist t-shirt  features the legendary Theo A. Kochs tm. The shirt is available in small-XXL, colors: maroon with cream printing or navy blue with white printing. The t-shirts will be limited and we are open to collaborations.

Shirt: Gildan Ultra Cotton 2000, 6 oz, 100% cotton, Navy or Maroon
Price $19.99 plus shipping, add $2 for XXL.

To purchase click here!

navy_kochs-website maroon_kochs-website



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The LodgeCast Podcast Teaser Clip Release!

We are super excited to announce the launch of our podcast (audio that can be streamed or downloaded) and vodcast (video that can be streamed online)! We hope you enjoy this teaser!

The LodgeCast will feature broadcast radio style interviews with leading influencers, trend setters, icons, legends of society and culture. The topics that will be covered are not exclusive and will range from style, shoes, barbers, cigars, life, music, tattoos, craftsman, rockabilly, custom cars, hot rods, rat rods, lowriders, skaters, barber shop, filmmaker, indie, artists, mens grooming, product reviews, news, tips, how to’s and many more!

This is not a “men’s only” podcast because we are a “Gritty Podcast For All”. Not only do we have a podcast which is audio that can be downloaded or streamed but we also have a vodcast that can be streamed online on our website!

We are bringing our blog and magazines (The Avenue Men’s Magazine, Traditional Barber Journal, Traditional Tattoo Journal) and Films to life! Subscribe today and become a LodgeCaster!

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Revival of the Traditional Barber Shop Book Cover Release!


In 2013 we started a book, the first of its kind, a modern traditional barber history that revival cover mockup 1 websitedocuments the revival as it happens. We figured why wait 15-20 years after the fact. Our goal is to document history as it is happening. Not only did we document the revival but also the founders and progenitors of the revival. The barber shops featured in the Southern California edition are influential in their communities and have a worldwide impact in the profession.

The delays have been numerous but we plan to have the book completed by the end of the year. A few delays; a photographer burned us for photos so we had to re-shoot, over 4,200 photos to sort through, selecting the right publisher, and life! Finding the right publisher proved to be a major obstacle. We sought out many publishers during the last few years but each had terms and conditions that we felt compromised the integrity of the book so we decided to do what we have done with all of our projects and that is to be independent and self publish. Another great benefit of self publishing is that we found one in the USA which is a major benefit. The drawback with these choices is a higher cost per unit. The big publishing corporations don’t make it easy for independents to publish their own books but nevertheless that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

We anticipate offering pre-orders and barbershops and companies may obtain the book at wholesale. The barbershops that participated in the book can purchase the book at cost. Our publisher offers volume discounts so that is what we’re aiming for. If we get enough pre-orders with considerable volume then we can place orders.

We thank everyone for your patience. Updates will be posted on social media and our website.


For all the barber shops that participated in the book you need to contact us ASAP to complete the interview if you haven’t already done so. Without your interview the book cannot be published and your history will not be told. I cannot stress this enough because the book is a modern traditional barber history we need you stories. Contact [email protected]

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Heritage Series Honors Mid-Century Barber Shop Kawasaki, Japan, limited exclusive design!


As we start 2017 we wanted to kick it in the teeth and get it started by honoring a very tbj-midcentury-release-websitedear friend of mine from Kawasaki, Japan. Mr. Toshiyuki Abe established an amazing barber shop in 1996 and has been flourishing for 20 years.

Not only has Mr. Abe created a phenomenal traditional barber shop but both of his sons are also barbers! That’s right the Abe family tradition will carry on the ancient profession of barbering in Japan for the next generation.

Take a look at the gallery of photos that range from when the shop first opened to the present day. There is a deep respect for the profession and a legacy is being forged one cut at a time. Thank you for the support in Japan Mr. Toshi. You can read about his legacy in a previous article we published.

to purchase t-shirt email [email protected]

photo-jan-01-10-16-15-am photo-jan-01-10-16-17-am photo-jan-01-10-16-20-am photo-jan-01-10-16-23-am

abe-and-son abe-cutting abe-shoptoshi-and-wife2


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Has Sailor Jerry’s Dream Come True?

The other day as I was scrolling through my social media feed and I noticed an interesting screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-2-36-37-pm-copypattern of postings from around the world. They originated from Japan, the Netherlands, UK, Spain, North America, Canada, etc… and the one thing they share in common is the reverence for traditional Americana tattoo style.

As I sat there reflecting on this observation a conversation I had with Mr. Ed Hardy a few years ago came to mind in which he stated that Sailor Jerry envisioned  that traditional American tattoo style would one day develop and “match the Japanese style”. According to Mr. Hardy, “Jerry made that comment because Japanese tattooing was the most sophisticated visually and sailor-jerry-stachethematically in the world at that time and he and I and a (very) few others were on a crusade to realize the potential of the art in the West.” So that got me thinking and I began to wonder, had Sailor Jerry’s goal/dream come true? Has traditional Americana tattoo style risen to the level of intricacy and reverence of the Japanese?

Tattooing has been around for thousands of years and the oldest can be found on Ötzi, the European Tyrolean Iceman that dates to 3250 BC. In Japan the ancient art of tattooing can be traced to as early as 5,000 BC on clay figures that had their faces painted and carvings on their bodies. The Japanese tattoo style contained epic depictions of their history, mythology and folklore with coloring and designs that would adorn the human canvas. Their imagery was iconic an indelible throughout the world.

Sailor Jerry had an appreciation and fondness for the detailed work, coloring, designs and size of these epic suits that were tattooed upon the human body. But how would traditional Americana style ever elevate to the prominence of the Japanese style tattoo. sj-art-1Don’t forget Sailor Jerry died in 1973  and at that time it was unfathomable to think that traditional Americana tattoo style would ever rise to what it has become.

Today traditional Americana tattoo art is not exclusive to North America or the human canvas because it can be purchased on flash sheets, prints, T-shirt designs, skate decks, pillowcases and is also displayed in galleries and independent museums. The nostalgic style is virtually around the world and revered. The roots of the style can be credited to artist such as Bob Shaw, Bert Grimm, Paul Rogers, Cap Coleman, Owen Jensen, Ed Hardy and many more. A great example of modern Americana style is  Howlin’ Wolf, a tattooer for 20 years, “my earliest recollection of Americana or traditional art was the tattoos of old rockabilly or punk rockers I’d see either at shows, gigs or car shows.” His style hearkens back to Sailor Jerry but remains unique and that is rarity in the tattoo world, “Americana to me in an artistic hw-girlsense means lots of things, but mainly it’s pure and true nature, whether its patriotic, western or taboo” says Howlin’ Wolf. Following in the footsteps of traditional Americana tattoo masters has become a road that many are traveling and is a testament of the grandeur and legacy of the forefathers.

Tattoo culture was once marginalized but has spread around the world and the bold lines and timeless designs of traditional Americana have stood the test of time. Traditional Americana tattoo style is not only for military, ex-cons, or bikers and society has affirmed this style of art to its rightful place among other ancient revered styles of Polynesians and Japanese. Mr. Hardy says, “I never dreamed it would happen in my lifetime, Sailor Jerry would be stoked.”

You can find the definitive collection of Sailor Jerry books at Hardy Marks

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Old Duck Grooming Ltd. Release!

We are honored to announce the Old Duck Grooming Ltd. product line. Initially I created old-duck-coming-soon-viralskin care products for my family because I wanted to provide them with products that were truly all-natural; ZERO TOXINS and NO CHEMICALS. After shopping around I discovered that many companies use the word “all-natural” but still use chemicals. I realized I would have to create one from scratch. After countless hours researching and developing, that’s right no chemist or contractor manufacturers developed these products, I produced a few facial creams that blew us away.

I then decided to create a shave cream that would provide the most healing and smoothest shave available because shaving removes a layer of skin and in a sense causes trauma. The product I created was for personal use only but after a few friends tried it I sent samples out to many knowledgable barbers that provided positive reviews. They had never seen a product like this! I realized that this product must be released to the public. All the ingredients in the shave cream are of the highest grade and truly all natural, when possible therapeutic grade.

The Fresh Shave Cream has a hint of peppermint that revives all your senses and rejuvenates the mind. The Trail Shave Cream uses sandalwood to provide a warm musky scent.

None of our products will be produced on a mass scale and sitting for weeks in a warehouse. We are taking “handcrafted” back to its roots and raising the quality.

Our philosophy is to create the highest quality grooming products to promote hair and skin health. We only use all natural and purest ingredients. No chemicals and zero toxins, carefully handcrafted with pride in Whittier, California.

I hope that you join us in this journey. Contact us today for more information and samples.

[email protected]

Mr. M

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120 Years Of Barbering The Film, Japanese Edition! 2017 Release!

We are honored to announce that our groundbreaking film will be released in Japan with subtitles in 2017! Not only did we add subtitles to our film but we also translated the iconic film poster created by Howlin Wolf.

The film will be distributed in Japan by our good friend Masa. Be on the lookout early 2017 for this special release.


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Watch “Life Comes Full Circle” film for FREE!

To celebrate the birthday of Eric Webb (11/17) we created a promo code that will enable vimeo-ccbs-posteryou to watch the film for FREE (during 11/17/16-11/21/16). Make sure you click this link and use promo code HBD17.

Happy Birthday Eric!


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Is This A Threat To Barbering? Case Study #1


Recently we posted a question on social media that stated “The Greatest Threat To meteor-barberingBarbering Is…” and a few people responded with their perspective and anecdotal information. One individual provided data that we found interesting and shocking so we decided to use it as a case study. We verified the information and found it to be correct.

We are not going to out the individual and we really do not care that he has “success” but the point of the case study is to document what barbers have been saying about their profession and provide evidence to substantiate or refute their claims. We are not judging them but it is important to document the trends of this ancient profession before catastrophe strikes again (i.e. The Great Barber Depression 1960’s-1990’s).

So let’s get to the case study. The subject, from what we found, was a normal looking fella 3 years ago and was proud of his new job at a big box store. In 2014 there were no apparent tattoos on his torso, neck or arms but we may have missed a lower back or ankle tattoo. In 2013 he was an apprentice at a barber shop. This is vital data because it takes about 1- 1 1/2 years to become a barber after the apprenticeship.

Presently, the subject has tattoos that start on his neck and extend down to his fingers. So within the span of 2 years the subject had tons of ink put into his skin. Not sure if they all have deep meanings but nevertheless it happened. The subject has over 30, 000 followers on one social media platform alone! This is a huge symbol of popularity and creates greatest-threat-case-study-1credibility. The subject is also a “celebrity barber judge/educator” at several major barber/cosmo events and is sponsored by a major corporation. Typically to be a judge or educator in society you need education, experience and credibility.

How did this “success” and meteoric rise to being part of barbering elite or a “master barber” occur within the span of 2 years? Once again, we are not judging or hating on them or doubting their “passion” for the game/hustle. What does this case study mean to the ancient profession of barbering? That is a question that we cannot answer and we leave you to make a conclusion based on the data we collected.

Stay tuned because there is more case studies to come…. Why are we doing this? We are not barbers or pretend to be. We have a deep reverence for the ancient profession and believe that history must be documented as it happens and not after the fact.

Hopefully the catastrophe that many long-term barbers have predicted can be averted.

Mr. M

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“Life Comes Full Circle” Barber Shop Film Release!

“Quick lil history lesson for all you up and coming barbers out there across the world who vimeo-ccbs-posterthink it’s hip and cool, and are lucky enough to be tattooed with a good job; Eric Webb and his mentor Jake were the first two dudes out of Southern California in the early 90’s to introduce the ‘look and style’ of today’s “tattooed barber” movement across the world! He might just be the reason you became a barber without you even knowing it!”
Tim co-owner of Syndicate Barber Shop in Long Beach, CA

EXCLUSIVE interview with barber icon Eric Webb. Eric is one of two men who set the pace for the Traditional Barber Revival in Southern California that has now spread around the globe.

Eric and Phil Hernandez have created an amazing shop in Orange, California that is only a few steps away from the founder of the traditional tattooed barbering movement, Jake Bricks, original shop. Although, Eric does not seek fame or prestige and his humility in the profession of barbering is a rarity.

We also included interviews with Wolfman barber, Local Barber Hirakawa from Japan and Barber Harley from South Korea! Watch them discuss the influence of American Barbering on their culture and the consequences of being tattooed barbers in their countries. This is a super rare interview that you don’t want to miss and wont find anywhere else.

To watch the full 40 min film and trailer click here
Use Promo code: JakeBricks15
for 15% off

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Barbers Terrorize The Public!

Exactly 137 years ago this article was published in the New York Times. It was believed barbers terrorize headline with datethat barbers use their position of influence over a patron to gain his favor and get whatever they want. It could be getting a job for a friend or influencing social policy. The barber had power and the power was persuasion over the patron that sat in their chair. In the writers mind this was, “terrorism”.

According to the article 78% of the insane asylum patients were in the habit of being shaved by barbers before they became insane and “if this does not mean that to be shaved by a barber is to incur the risk of being barber following patrontalked into madness statistics have no meaning .”

The article concludes by stating that a barber uses his power of persuasion and gift of gab to sell grooming products and that he is able to break a man in order for him to purchase the product “the sale of tonic in the city alone during the period from 1864-1875 was so great that no man who wishes to maintain a reputation for veracity dared mention the number of bottles.”

In 1879 it was recognized that barbers had a place of influence in society but some people viewed it negatively and took it to an exaggerated extend by claiming that barbers were placing people into insane asylum’s because they were talking their ear off and driving them mad with conversation and constant manipulation.Barbers suround

I believe the article reinforces the authentic and special place a barber shop holds in society.  The barbers responsibility is not only to groom the patron but also establish a friendship and a friendship that is not manipulative but honest and sincere (for those that want to have a friendship). It’s been said  “they walk in as patrons and leave as friends” according to Danny Becerra from Gentlemen’s Parlor Barber Shop in San Jacinto, CA.

I hope that 137 years from now someone will read an article that I published about barbers and conclude that the barbering revival occurred worldwide and the great tradition did not die out and was upheld by professionals who stayed true to barbering.

May we all avoid the pitfalls of history.

Your Friend,
Mr. M
Ephesians 3:12

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