120 Years Of Barbering the film

On 10/10/15 we traveled to Gentlemen’s Parlor Barber Shop in San Jacinto, CA to film 120 years trailer release instatwo old-time barbers who have a combined 120 years of experience in the profession and captured magic on film.

Frank Chavis is 89 years young and works at 90 year old Cal Pine Barber Shop in Stockton, CA.  Fred Koon is the youngster coming in at 75 years young and works at Gentlemen’s Parlor Barber Shop in San Jacinto, CA. While most 75 and 89 year olds would be fortunate to not be wearing adult diapers or last a full day without a nap but these magnificent men wield ancient instruments of barbering with precision and continue to work in their proud profession.

Both of these amazing gentlemen not only have tremendous personal experience but have lived through the traditional barber heyday from the 1940’s-1960’s to the Great Barber Depression (mid-1960’s-1980’s) and have a wealth of knowledge.

Moreover, barber legend Donnie Hawley and Danny Becerra join the old-timers in a once in a lifetime roundtable discussion about life, success, failure, manliness, and their ancient profession of barbering.

You will never view barbering the same again.

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