Our Exciting Journey Through Pregnancy, A Man’s Perspective

As many of you know we are expecting a child and I will document the journey because I storkam sure that I am not alone as my mind, beliefs, and actions are being refined by this experience. As a man some of the changes are welcomed and others take some effort.

With several positive over the counter baby tests a doctors appointment is made to verify the pregnancy. Before the pregnancy is  confirmed there is much hope, anxiety and anticipation. The much awaited news will come from a doctor’s visit that heralds the new life. Time seems to move in slow motion as you try not to think about it but the prospect continually invades your mind. Then a positive result brings a plethora of feelings, excitement and peace!

Joy and happiness overwhelms the soul as the future appears bright. Mrs. M and I are in our 30’s and feel a new lease on life. The thought of complications and health concerns doctors visitare always knocking on the door but we remain positive and do our best to encourage and support each other.

Now that the pregnancy is confirmed there is a slew of appointments that are made and one in particular is a genetic counselor. With a deep breath and a calendar that is quickly filling up I rejoice at the pending birth of our child.

Bringing a child into our lives  takes a serious turn as we examine finances and the future. While Gentlemen’s Avenue, The Avenue Men’s Magazine and social media take it’s toll and at times can feel like two or three additional jobs my focus and determination remains on point. We do not have any staff or employees to fall back on so everything depends on the two of us. Mrs. M is our sales, photographer and adviser to my madness and it consumes much time and energy. I am learning to balance and do as much as I can to pregnant-lucille-ballreduce the demands of running a website and magazine incur.

Nevertheless we are looking forward to this journey that has just begun and will result in a new life.

Thank you for the support and keep an eye out because I will continue to document the journey.

Mr. M

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