Stop! Drop! Roll! Logan Bros. Pomade Is Here


In elementary school I was taught to “Stop! Drop! Roll!” in the event that I was on fire. Those easy commands were designed to put the fire out and in the case of Logan Bros. Pomade you may need to stop, drop and roll because they are on fire with their newly launched pomade.

Nowadays pomades are hitting the market almost every week. There is very little that separates each product because most use the white plastic double-wall jars with a colorful cliche filled label. The Logan Bros. own and operate a barber shop in Orange County, CA and have really thought outside the box with their new water-based pomade.Logan Bros Pomade on sink jar alone

First things first, this is a nickel plated steel jar! I am still blown away by the shine and classic styling. Not only does the jar contain great pomade but you can also reuse it or put it on the shelf. Either way it is durable metal that will age with grace. Sure they could have taken the easy way and used the plastic white container with a sticker on it but they went the extra mile and did something I have not seen before in the industry. The label has an old paper appearance with excellent fonts that compliment the classic jar.

Another forward thinking idea is the 3 oz size. It’s not less is more because the size of the jar is FAA carry on approved. That’s right you don’t need to scoop out your beloved 4+ oz pomade and put into a smaller container to take it on a plane because Logan Bros. has that covered.

The pomade is a translucent white, as opposed to solid white, with a citrus clean scent that is pleasant and not offensive. The real greatness of this pomade is that is designed for Logan Bros Pomade on sinkyour “hair health” by using Bladderwack extract that increases blood flow to the hair follicles, Chamomile extract, Grapefruit extract & Carrot extract that promote hair and scalp health. The hold is medium-heavy and can be re-combed. Don’t expect a helmet head with this pomade if you don’t want your hair to ever move use Aquanet!

All in all, I am extremely impressed with the Logan Bros. Pomade it’s a homerun! Everything from the nickel plated container, vintage inspired label and a pomade that is looking to the future. Make sure to pickup a can or dozen for your shop.

Mr. M
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Time To Shine In Malaysia!


Our good friend Jimmy from Shiner Gold Pomade sent us a special edition collaborationjimmy gonzo can can with Gonzo Original Supply from Malaysia. This can is highly sought after because Jimmy not only changed the graphics but also added a few special ingredients to an already fantastic pomade.

To compliment the new graphics the tin is gold! The fragrance has also been changed for this collaboration with the sweet smell of ginger and blood orange.

Snatch up a few cans while they last. Awesome collaboration Jimmy and Gonzo!

Mr. M

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A Natural Pomade Made From Berkely, CA


We received a jar of pomade from the folks at Manshine Pomade and have been man shine pomade instapleasantly surprised with the ingredients and fragrance. First of all, you need to understand that this pomade is 100% natural with outstanding ingredients. This stuff is “mixed and made in Berkeley, CA” and contains coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax to name a few.The pomade is water-based.

With the rise in natural products that promote hair health Manshine Pomade is a great alternative. The fragrance is pleasant with coconut and cucumber but the rosemary definitely cuts through.

Checkout out their website for more information:


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A Nostalgic Pomade That Your Grandad Would Use


We are pleased to feature Grandad’s Heavyweight Hair Pomade that will remind you of a grandads heavy hair pomade2golden age of hair products and if your fortunate will remind you of your grandfather. The pomade is made in the U.S.A and contains petroleum, lanolin, beeswax, almond oil and fragrance in a amber glass jar with a black plastic lid. All Grandad’s products are made in small batches by hand in San Diego, CA.

The product has high quality performance that will appease any oil/grease based enthusiasts seeking another option to expand their pomade collection. The one thing that really stands out to me is the fragrance because they remained true to their name, Grandad’s! Here is my feeble attempt to explain it, smells like my grandfather just showered, shaved and combed his hair and splashed a lil something extra to get the ladies buzzing. It DOES NOT smell like some old crusty old man, just wanted to clear that up.

Don’t hesitate to check out Grandad’s and travel back in time to old school men’s grooming products and if your lucky it will remind you of a special elderly gent, possibly your Grandad. You can find them on Facebook and Etsy

Mr. M

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No Chemicals In These Men’s Grooming Products!


With so many grooming products coming on the market the all natural and health conscious products are taking a different road with natural ingredients and scents. We are excited to see products that are concerned with hair, skin and groomingcraft culture article beard oil wellness. Another admirable feat is not found in a beaker or special machine because these products are “hand made”.

The beard oil came in a 1 ounce bottle with a cedar fern scent but is also available in sultans spice and pine forest. The oil contains no chemicals and is designed to “stimulate the skin’s natural oils to trap moisture, treat split ends, make beards shiny and soft, and reduce dandruff.” The beard oil contains many essential oils to maximize beard health; jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and grapeseed oil.

The mustache wax came in a pine forest scent but is also available in sultans spice and cedar fern. The wax is the strongest we have craft culture article mustache waxencountered and the wax I use on a daily basis,  “chemical-free, beeswax-based mustache pomade offers superior styling capability.Blended hair-nourishing oils prevent dry, brittle whiskers.Special ingredients like real pine sap and carnauba wax offer a stronger hold.” A few other ingredients are shea butter, beeswax, lanolin, and olive oil. Surprisingly the wax washes out and one major feature, besides the extra strong hold, if your stache happens to get in your drink it does not taste like chemicals!

If your hands take a beating from working on the chain gang the chap cream is the solution for dry and damagedcraft culture article chap cream skin. The ingredients consist of “no scents, no petroleum, no chemicals, nothing to get in the way of this healing, skin protecting barrier. Just natural ingredients you can recognize and pronounce: beeswax, veggie glycerin, shea butter, vitamin E, coconut oil” plus lanolin and avocado oil. The cream also works well on lips.

Last but not least, the hair pomade. This product can revive a lost tradition among grooming craft culture article pomadeproducts, “we love vintage barbershop recipes. Back in the day, when barbers used to give hot towel shaves using straight razors and shaving brushes, they’d make their own potions and pomades. We’ve bought up all the hundred-year-old barber manuals we could find in order to unearth those old secrets. What we came up with is a modernized version of an all-natural hair styling product (without the beef tallow, thank you very much), inspired by the old barber tradition. Instead of artificial fragrances, chemicals and petroleum, your hair will smell pleasantly of sweet beeswax, nut butters and natural oils.” The devotion and reverence to barbering past resulted in a modern formulation to meet all expectations for those who desire traditional hairstyles. The pomade does not wash out completely but it is a vast improvement to the dry brittle aftermath of most water-based pomades.

The combination of all these great products from Craft Culture Co. are testaments thatcraft culture article items on wood chemicals in grooming products should not reign but health and quality should be the foundation. I had no problem styling an impressive Rollie Fingers-esque handlebar mustache and solid slick back. The products are not designed to replicate gel or hairspray but are traditional-modern improvements to maximize men’s grooming health. Great work Jon!

Mr. M

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The Oldest Straight Razor Strop Company In The U.S.A


I set out to find the oldest straight razor strop maker in the U.S.A and I am honored to, in strop end with bovine razorpart, write about them. It was no easy feat because Google was short on leads so I employed my Grad school research determination to dig through forums and blogs to discover the Illinois Razor Strop Company founded in 1907. The goal was within reach but after more research I discovered there was no website or social media, I was frustrated. But I kept looking and found Fromm!

I contacted Fromm but wasn’t sure what the nature of their relationship was and Emmi Barrett was soon to provide me with all the missing links with extreme courtesy and professionalism that I discovered was a lasting trait of Illinois Razor Strop Co.

Here is the story told by Fromm:
In 1907, our founder James Simon started the Illinois Razor Strop Company. At that time, leather was crafted by hand in a Chicago warehouse to create razor stops that men depended upon to keep their straight razors sharp. After more than 100 years, we are the only razor strop manufacturer in the United States. 1907 offers a pristine straight razor to compliment these classic and quality razor strops.

In 1949, James Simon’s son, Edwin, joined the company and is soon dispatched to work in a tannery to learn about how leather strops are made. He returned to the Illinois Razor Strop Co. to continue to learn and grow the business. Once we expanded from barber supplies and added salon tools, the Illinois Razor Strop Co. was able to use Chicago’s rise as an industrial hub to connect nationally. As the company grew and added product strop end with top grain cowhidecategories, it began selling Fromm Shears-known for high quality German-made shears. Fromm quickly rose by offering bestselling products, and in 1984 the decision was made to rename the company to Fromm. 

In recent years, there’s been a resurgence of appreciation and interest into the art of straight razor shaving and its health benefits. Razors with multiple blades directly contribute to razor burn and ingrown hairs. More blades mean more irritation. It’s time to abandon the cheap, fast dulling, mutli-blades and invest in a straight razor with unfaltering edge sharpness.

The 1907 Razor Strop is hand crafted with top grain cowhide and comes complete with sharpening canvas and swivel. Stropping should occur before every shave to align the edge of the blade for the straightest and sharpest clean edge. To strop, attach the 1907 Razor Strop against an anchored object (like a towel bar) and pull the other end with your hand. Make sure that the strop is tight. 

We received the #206 model and right away you can feel and smell the crafted leather work. A firm leather side is complemented with the “Fine Weave Linen Finish” side. The strop end with barbers bestswivel is solid and sturdy. One feature of the swivel that caught my attention is the “pin” used to swivel the strop looks like a nail that has been bent! This feature must be part of the original design in 1907 and a homage to tradition. The graphics on the strop are really exciting because not only is this strop made by the OLDEST straight razor strop company in the U.S.A but it is also made in the U.S.A! A reminder that you are not holding some low-grade start up product. The #206 straight razor strop is grade A++.

Men are in constant search for grooming products that are authentic and traditional, based upon the belief that quality and craftsmanship have transcended time and technology. The Illinois Razor Strop Co. fits the criteria and has not only existed for 107 years but is unwavering in their barber products and worthy of the finest barbershops or straight razor enthusiast. A statement that best encapsulates the Illinois Straight Razor Strop Co. is, “a heritage of authentic quality passed down by generations.”

Mr. M

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The True Art Of Shaving: Suavecito Shave Product Line

We received the entire shaving product line from Suavecito Pomade and here are our suavecito products together articlethoughts on each of the products and a little video for you to enjoy.

Shave Oil- A few drops rubbed into the shave area produces a thin layer of oil that allows the razor to easily glide along your face.

Shave Creme-The creme is pre-whipped and requires little effort to produce a thick lather. The skin pores are opened and stubborn stubble doesn’t stand a chance. The peppermint really brings your skin to life and prepares for the closest shave possible.

Vanishing Creme-  Apply after the shave and work into skin until it vanishes! Yes, it really absorbs into your skin and heals the shave area. The menthol heightens sensitivity and revitalizes the pores.

Bay Rum- The classic barber shop fragrance stings you back to reality but feels damn good and smells great!

All in all, the products are great and will impress the novice and expert alike.



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Classic Style With Great Performance: Parker Safety Razor 100% Best Badger Hair Shave Brush

When it comes to shaving one of the most natural and primal instruments to promote the endeavor for BBS is the shaving brush. While many companies are producing amazing Parker 100% Best Badger brushshave soaps and creams, a high quality brush is just as important as a good razor. We just received a handmade Parker Safety Razor 100% Best Badger Hair Brush in white with a chrome handle.

A little bit about Parker Safety Razors, they were established 40 years ago and have been creating shaving products that range from safety razors to shave soaps.  The products are sold worldwide with a commitment to wet shaving that is indicative in their products and variety.

A quick reference to why a quality shave brush is crucial: 1. It retains warm/hot water that will open the pores, 2. Massages the skin and preps it, 3. Raises hairs and stubble that are beneath the surface of the skin, 4. Lathers the skin to provide a smooth and clean shave, 5. Efficiently applies soaps or creams to the face.

The most important aspects of a shave brush is the hair type and grade. While boar hair is extremely affordable the badger hair retains more water and provides superior performance. Secondly, the grade of the hair is debatable and the Best Badger Hair is #3. The rankings are determined by by the location the hair was taken from, color, softness and increased water retention (#1 Silvertip, #2 Super Badger).

Now on to the review of the Parker 100% Best Badger Hair Brush. The brush came in a little black box that reminded me of the Allen Edmonds shoe boxes that are solid and carefully protect the contents. Opening it up I discovered the bubble wrapped brush and black stand. After unwrapping it the brush felt solid and the bristles looked great. The chrome handle and white body have classic and high end appeal. One criticism I have read is that the brush is “heavy” due to the chrome handle. I completely disagree becausebrush on stand the brush already has a manly girth on the body and the bit of added weight on the handle reinforces that you are using a man’s shaving instrument.

The brush needed to be treated before the first use. I did this by soaking it in warm water with some soap for a few minutes then thoroughly rinsing. I repeated this process 5 times, then I placed it in the stand and let it hang dry. A few bristles came off the brush but nothing that was of any concern.

In the first test I used Shiner Gold Shave Soap, which is all natural with coconut oil and peppermint to name a few ingredients. The brush lathered extremely well and felt soft and firm but not abrasive on the skin. The softness came from the bristles spreading out as I rotated the brush in a circular motion while the firm bristles gently lifted the stubble off my face. The razors glided effortlessly on my face and produced a smooth and clean shave.

In the second test I used Suavecito Shave Crème, which I use with very little water in the brush and your face essentially becomes the mixing bowl to produce the lather. This test would be the real challenge because you do not rely upon generous amounts of water to create lather. I pulled the brush out of the warm water and removed almost all the water, I then dipped it in the shave crème and began to mix it on my face. I was pleasantly surprised because the lather was perfect! Not too thick and not too thin. The razor was happy to meet my face!

All in all, the brush is a great product from Parker Safety Razors and looks great on my counter! If you are looking for a shave brush that won’t break the bank and comes from a company committed to the wet shave industry then look no further because Parker delivers. Typically the words value and quality are diametrically opposed to one another but Parker has united them and produced an aesthetically pleasing product with classic style and great performance.

 Mr. M


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JS Sloane Giveaway!

We have a great giveaway from our friends at JS Sloane!

Here is the Gentlemen’s Gift Box provided by JS Sloane! Read the review about their amazing Lightweight Pomade,

Prize Contains: 1-Deep Cleansing Shampoo, 1-Heavyweight Brilliantine, 1-Lightweight Pomade, 1-7″ JS Sloane Dresser Comb. Plus, 1-Icons Men’s Style Book by Josh Sims, 1-Antiqued Brown Leather Journal w/ JS Sloane Pen.

How To Enter:

Start: Go to our Facebook, enter for each time it was posted!

To enter the raffle you MUST DO BOTH:

1 )LIKE the post about JS Sloane on our Facebook.

2) SHARE the post about JS Sloane on YOUR Facebook

Multiple entries are accepted

Contest ends: 5/7/13 @ 8:00 PM PST

Winner announced on Facebook: 5/8/13

Mr. M


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Product Review: JS Sloane Lightweight Pomade


What happens when two friends, since the 80’s, get together and unite their love for the silver screen and long for the days when Gentlemen were well groomed? A company that has raised the bar in the grooming industry is born. More specifically, JS Sloane is creating modern quality-grooming products that are nostalgic. I received a sample of their water-based Lightweight Pomade for review and I am impressed.

The aluminum can looks like something you would have expected to find in a barbershop in the 1940’s, thin and sleek with the label placed on the lid. The label is interesting because there is a dapper looking Gentleman in gold. The paper label looks vintage and is not a cheap sticker. The words on the label read, “Keeps Hair Neat All Day”. The can contains 3.4 oz of pomade. JS Sloane has achieved a classic looking can and the label is authentic.

Opening the can is a surprise because most pomade companies use coloring in the product, but JS Sloane is clear. The consistency is very similar to Vaseline and feels very light. The fragrance of the pomade can best be described as “clean-masculine” smelling and does not have the typical almond, coconut, pineapple and Hawaiian scents. The fragrance is noticeable all day long and is not overpowering.

After scooping out some product I broke it down in my hand (rub between palms). I applied the product into damp hair and worked it in. I believed the product would not have a strong hold due to the “light” feel and the ease in which it worked through my hair. I began to style my hair, which is pretty thick and gets a bit wavy when long, and I was able to achieve a slick back and a business man’s (side part with slight pomp). The pomade worked easily and spread evenly throughout my hair without too much work.

The product dries to an astonishingly strong hold. I am impressed because it is their lightweight and they have a medium weight and heavy weight! JS Sloane claims the pomade “has a firm, but flexible feel and hold” and I agree 100% It may seem impossible to have hold and flexibility but their lab has nailed it. This product has a stronger hold than Suavecito and Layrite. The finish is semi-sheen and looks perfect! It washes out easily and cleanly.

Looking over the press kit JS Sloane provided it becomes apparent that they are ready to make a new path in the grooming industry with elegance and quality products. All of the materials have a classic look and are not recycled clichés. The packaging is designed for the modern gentleman. The product is great and will be one of the two pomades I use. It not only pays homage to vintage Hollywood but also redefines it for modern Gentlemen. Great job Joann and Smutty!

JS Sloane on Facebook

Mr. M



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