Movember and Sons 2012


We are on day 19 of 2012’s Movember and Sons Mo grow. If you are not familiar with the organization you should participate by donating or growing your Mustache and bring¬† awareness to Cancer and specifically Prostate and Testicular Cancer. Gentlemen should be informed about health issues that affect men regardless of culture, race, religion and geographic location.

Personally I have lost many people to cancer including my father who manifested what a true Gentlemen is. When November 1, 2012 came around I started with a freshly shaved face and I thought upon the loved ones I have lost to this devastating disease. ¬†Once the mustache was noticeable people would approach me and ask why I was changing my look. It gave me the opportunity to share about Men’s health issues and in particular Cancer.

Participating in Movember has allowed me to reflect upon my father and other Gentlemen who have contributed to my life and what they have given me is being passed on and is eternal. The mustache is a constant reminder of tradition and distinction.

Mr. M