Checkout Part II of Episode I, “The 90 Year Old Barber Shop”

The fine gentlemen at Cal Pine Barber Shop in Stockton, CA have an amazing tradition inbarbers infront cal pine a historic part of California.

Thank you Mr. Zaragoza and your talented and team of barbers for opening your shop and sharing your history with us.

Stay tuned for the rest of the Real California series.

***for best viewing set to HD 1080***

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Watch Real California episode I part I, “The Hatter”


The Real California episode I part I features Wellema Hat Co. in “The Hatter” from Santa ga roadtrip 2015 cody folding hat for trailerBarbara, CA. We traveled 118 miles to get to this amazing hat shop. Mr. Wellema is one of the few hatters in America that makes heirloom quality hats by hand. That means no machines and everything is made one stitch and bend at a time.

Whether you are looking for a bowler, fedora, stetson, pork pie or any style Mr. Wellema can make it for you. All hats are made to order and fully custom. That means each hat is one of a kind.

We hope you enjoy this short video.

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Real California Episode 1 Trailer!

We traveled over 1,200 miles across the state of California and visited a few Real Californians.Ga Real California for trailer release on website These fine folks are craftsman and artists that are keeping traditions alive. Stay tuned for the short video.

Thank you Cody Wellema from Wellema Hat Co., Cal-Pine Barber Shop, Ed and Doug Hardy from Ed Hardy’s Tattoo City, Rick Loftin from Wild Bill’s Barber Shop and all the amazing people we met in their shops and along the way.

A special thank you to our EXCLUSIVE SPONSOR Hawleyood’s Barber Shop and Layrite, thank you for the support Donnie!

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