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Sterlingwear of Boston is an iconic coat manufacturer in the USA and produces the official peacoat for the U.S. Military since the 1960’s. This new coat is based on the 1800’s miner, cowboys, and workmen coats! Watch the video for more information. Thank you Sterlingwear for the support!


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A Peacoat Anchored in Quality


As a writer I rarely get blindsided by the subject I am writing on but when I began discussing the Authentic Model Peacoat with Sterlingwear, I thought it would be a normal review about a high-quality coat. I was wrong and I hope the following review conveys the depth and intensity of this amazing Peacoat.

Previously we posted a brief introduction on the origin of the Peacoat ( and after receiving the Authentic Model Peacoat from Sterlingwear I need to add something that is often overlooked. Not only are Peacoat’s designed and utilized by naval personnel, they have also successfully transitioned into the civilian market like no other military specification item. The Hummer vehicle has transitioned into the sport utility market but it does not retain the military specifications. The Peacoat sold by Sterlingwear is cut from the same exact patterns as the U.S. Naval issue.  The only difference is the shell material that is slightly different from the military specs (100% wool) with 80% wool and 20% nylon blend.

The initial impression of the Authentic Model Peacoat is its high-quality manufacturing and military origin. The coat features a surprisingly soft exterior with 6 sturdy buttons embedded with clear anchor symbols. Some Peacoats are advertised as “Official Naval Specs” but are made of a rough wool exterior, cheap plastic buttons, and barely noticeable anchor symbols. The Authentic Model Peacoat is double breasted with wide lapels that remind you of its naval origins. The coat has two slanted pockets on the front and a third smaller pocket for change. The pockets are deep and fully functional.  One feature that may go unnoticed is a button located under the lapel near the collar that can be used to prop up the collar and fully close the Peacoat.

The interior of the Peacoat is fully lined with fleece making it both elegant and functional. The yoke (from about mid to upper part of the jacket) and sleeves are satin and feel very smooth and warm. Inside the coat is another slanted deep pocket. The back of the coat is vented with a two-piece tack. The Authentic Peacoat is Sterlingwear’s warmest coat due to the full fleece lining.

Putting on the Peacoat is unlike any experience I have ever had because you wear the coat and it does not wear you. What I mean is, while the coat is designed to protect you from the elements, and made with military specs, it does not feel bulky or awkward. It feels form fitting and designed to protect from cold weather. Most coats or jackets that are made to combat the cold are bulky and not form fitting but that is not the case with Sterlingwear’s Authentic Model Peacoat. The shoulders of the coat feel like they are wrapped around your shoulders and the sleeves are perfect in length. One interesting aspect of the coat is that the exterior pockets are located about mid length so that when you place your hands inside they produce a regal posture that is very masculine.

How well does the Peacoat handle real life situations? I did not want to write a review based upon looking at the coat or wearing it around the house so the coat and I hit the town for a few nights!

Night number one, I went out to check out some bands at a small venue. I decided to wear my ol’ cowboy boots, 501 Levi jeans and a button up shirt. Once everything was prepped and ready to go I put on the coat and took a good long look in the mirror and I was ready. The coat looked casual without being over the top. The venue felt a little warm so I decided to unbutton the Peacoat and I was fine. I received a few compliments and that was pretty amazing because it was dimly lit but people noticed I was wearing a Peacoat based on the unique design.

Night number two, I went out to dinner wearing wingtip dress shoes, slacks, dress shirt and tie. As I was getting ready I wondered how the Peacoat would handle the semi-formal attire. I put the Peacoat on and it had a completely different look from the night before because it was now elegant and classy.

Night number three, I attended a local outdoors artwalk on a cold night located in a “hip” downtown area. I wore Khaki pants, polo shirt and the Peacoat had a sensible and practical look.  The Peacoat kept me warm when buttoned up and if I felt too warm inside a gallery I unbuttoned it and I was fine.

All in all, the Authentic Model Peacoat from Sterlingwear is one of the most versatile coats I have ever worn and believe that is why it is successful in the civilian market. Other Peacoat manufacturers do a disservice to a great coat that has not changed in the last 200 years. Sterlingwear has been the sole supplier to the U.S. Navy since 1968 and continues to provide high–quality Peacoats to the military and civilian market. I applaud Sterlingwear and the American men and women who manufacture these amazing coats to the high standard sold to military and civilians looking for high-quality made coats.

Gentlemen of tradition and distinction have always searched for high quality coats and the Sterlingwear Authentic Model Peacoat should be considered because it has a versatile appearance and works well in many social settings.  Honestly I cannot think of another coat that has so many different looks and produced with excellent craftsmanship.

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Fight Winter With A Peacoat


With a chill in the air and temperatures dropping Ol’ Man Winter is here! Winter officially starts December 21, 2012 in the Northern Hemisphere and it is a good time to highlight a great traditional coat that will keep you warm and last a long time.

The Peacoat was created in the 1800’s and remains unchanged for hundreds of years. First used by European Navies the Peacoat was designed for warmth and protection from the elements. The coat is recognizable due to the wide lapels, double-breasted, anchor buttons and dark navy color. The Peacoat is made from Melton Wool and extremely durable. The name is derived from the Dutch word “pij” which is coarse cloth and “jekker” which means jacket. Eventually the coat used by sailors became known as the Peacoat.

There is much debate and controversy about what constitutes an authentic Peacoat and I will not adress that in this quick introduction to a great coat. Stay warm Gentlemen!


The sole provider for the U.S. Navy is Sterlingwear of Boston, Mass.

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