The Inaugural Traditional Barber Journal Is Now Available!


We are pleased to announce the release of the first ever TRADITIONAL BARBER JOURNAL! I must thank all the contributing writers, photographers and advertisers; Hawleywood’s Barber Shop, Layrite, Shiner Gold Pomade, The Wet Shave Academy.

To order the hard copy CLICK HERE. Download the FREE LIMITED DIGITAL version below.

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Thank you for the SUPPORT!

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Traditional Barber Journal T-Shirt Release!


Tomorrow the FIRST EVER Traditional Barber Journal will be released and we are celebrating by releasing a TBJ t-shirt! Make sure to order yours today before they are all gone! LIMITED TIME!!!

To order email
[email protected]
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Sneak Peek Into A Magical Photo Shoot For The Traditional Barber Journal!


We have conducted well over 100 photo shoots of amazing individuals and barber shops for our website and magazine but the cover shoot for the Traditional Barber Journal vol.I, issue I was truly epic.The cover was shot at Uptown Barber Shop in Whittier, CA for the article, “A Place Where Boys Become Men“.

Owner Gabriel Garcia performed an amazing grooming transformation on these fine young men in about 20 min each! They went from drab to dapper at the hands of a skilled barber. In the article Gabriel explains the keys to producing a quality cut and creating a positive experience.

We just couldn’t hold back and had to release this SNEAK PEEK! The barber chair is a Theo A. Kochs circa late 1800’s!
TBJ 2015 Uptown greating boys insta

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Don’t Wait! Advertise In The Groundbreaking Traditional Barber Journal Today!

Space is limited and we only have a few spots left!

Here are a few details about this groundbreaking publication:
– Full Version will be hard copy only
– FREE limited preview digital copy (will contain all advertising)
– Articles from amazing barbers and enthusiast from around the world (UK, Canada, USA, Japan)
– Reach an international audience
– Only traditional barber topics are covered
– Tons of great images
– An educational tool for barbers and enthusiast
– Barber History is documented
– Modern traditional barbers are featured
– Grooming products are featured/reviewed
– Modern traditional barber techniques and methods are covered

Join our efforts to “Preserve The Craft” today! 

Email [email protected]

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Cover Release For Our 1st Traditional Barber Journal!


We are very honored to release the first cover of our special edition issue of The Avenue Men’s Magazine, Traditional Barber Journal. This special magazine will only be available in print with a FREE digital limited preview.

In the inaugural issue we feature barbers and individuals from the USA, UK, Canada, and Japan to name a few! Great articles all about traditional barbering from around the world!

Take a look at that amazing cover that features a photo shoot we did with Gabriel Garcia from Uptown Barber Shop in Whittier, CA as he performs an amazing transformation on these fine future gentlemen (6 month old and 2 year old).

TBJ 1 web


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The Avenue Men’s Magazine Winter/Spring 2014 Is Now Available!


I am honored and proud to release The Avenue Men’s Magazine Winter/Spring 2015 issue! The largest issue to date, 68 pages, with No BS and No FLUFF. Just pure raw manliness and traditional values.

I must thank Mr. Ed Hardy for giving us the time of day and everyone who contributed articles, products and support for this issue. Salud!
Download the FREE digital version below or purchase the hard copy by clicking here.

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Announcing The Traditional Tattoo Journal!

We are super excited to announce another special edition issue of The Avenue Men’s Magazine, Traditional Tattoo Journal! The goal is simple, document “A Bold Heritage”. Not only are traditional tattoos bold but they also required guts/cajones to get them and that is the heritage we want to preserve.

Learn about tattoos, artists, legends, history and stories of the amazing world of traditional tattooing. Modern traditional tattooers will also be covered! Many contributing writers will have their work featured.

If you are interested in writing, have stories or pictures that you would like to see featured please don’t hesitate to contact us

[email protected]

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Here Is A Great Opportunity For Artists!

We are looking for an artist to collaborate with for a very special project! If you are an artistopen call tattoo artist collab please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you have any recommendations please pass this on! Must be familiar with American Traditional tattoo, Traditional Flash and very creative.

Don’t Let This Opportunity Pass You Up! Contact us
[email protected]


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A Young Ed Hardy Makes An Appearance On Our Cover!


We are honored to have an additional cover for The Avenue Men’s Magazine Winter/Spring 2015 issue. The front cover features a photo of Mr. Hardy at his art studio in the present day, the additional cover will be the first page you see when you open the magazine and features a young Ed Hardy in 1956 drawing tattoos with pens/mascara/eye liner on a friend.

Not sure what you were doing at the age of 10 or 11 but Ed Hardy was already enthralled with the art of tattooing! This is a must read issue with many exclusives featured throughout the magazine. Magazine release date 1.11.15

Winter 2015 cover release insta Ed       Winter 2015 cover additional release insta Ed

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Exclusive: Ed Hardy Is Our Winter/Spring 2015 Cover!


Every so often you get a chance to live the dream and the experience we had in San Winter 2015 cover release insta EdFrancisco was magical! Mr. Ed Hardy allowed us to visit Tattoo City in San Francisco and his personal studio for a few hours! This was an EXCLUSIVE one on one photo shoot with a National Treasure of the art world, tattooing, fashion and culture! You better not miss this issue.

Also, tons of great articles about craftsman, barbers, grooming products, style, and grooming!

The Winter/Spring issue will be available January 2015! Stay tuned and make sure to get this issue!

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