The Kennedy’s Speak-Out Against Domestic Violence


As we planned the Esperanza Vive Domestic Violence campaign we reached out to a few 00.Comp Pagepeople to create “Public Service Announcements” (PSA’s) and our friends from the amazing Wild Records label were a perfect fit. We contacted the great photographer Daniel Funaki to arrange a photo shoot with Reb and Jenny Kennedy. Everyone was more than happy to donate their time for the campaign. I would like to thank the Kennedy’s and Daniel for taking a stand and creating an amazing PSA.

Previously we published articles about Reb and Wild Records and the phenomenal documentary Los Wild Ones that features the journey of Wild Records that won numerous awards at prominent film festivals.

We typically write one article per week during our domestic violence awareness month but we decided the quote from the Kennedy’s sums up exactly what we would like to write.

Wild Records PSA 8 x10


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