Records And Cigars Show: Kolumbus Cigars



We developed the Records And Cigars Show to be the leading vinyl and tobacco resource for beginners and connoisseurs alike. Filmed April 2016 it took a while but better late than never.  Our first episode features Kolumbus Cigars from La Palma, Spain in the Canary Islands. Apparently Christopher Kolumbus brought the tobacco seeds back to Spain.

From their website:
“On the 28th of October of 1492, sixteen days after the discovery of the Indies, Christoph Kolumbus landed in the Cuban bay of Bariay. His biggest surprise was to find indigenous people smoking dried leaves which formed a blue and aromatic smoke. He later discovered that these cigars where used to cure skin illness, alleviate suffering and to celebrate its ritual ceremonies.”

We hope you enjoy the review and vinyl! Can’t go wrong with James Brown and Kolumbus Cigars! Stay tuned for more episodes.


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