The LodgeCast: Chopping Block 1.0 w/ “Chuy- Barber Battles & Man Buns”

itunes logo lodgecast 1400 x 1400The Chopping Block is a new segment of real talk with guests regarding grooming, culture, life or anything else they have on their chest! Our first guest is “Chuy” who describes his beef with barber battles and man buns. It is a hilarious segment and hope you are all entertained and intrigued.

Date filmed: 5/13/17
Guest: “Chuy”
Location: Whittier, CA
Duration: 26 minutes

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The LodgeCast: Unboxing The Bruery Craft Beer


We decided to film the unboxing of a care package we received from The Bruery. In a future podcast we will have a review. Stay tuned.

Thank you Cambria and awesome Bruery team!

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