Episode #002 “Syndicate Barber Shop & Bravos Barber Shop” vodcast (video)



Lodgecast logoDate filmed: 2/26/17
Duration: 60 minutes
Topics: interview w/ Tim from Syndicate Barber Shop in Long Beach, CA & Bravos Barber Shop in Monterey, Mexico
Host: Mr. M founder/editor of GentlemensAvenue.com
Guest: Tim, Damien, and Alex.
Location: Whittier, CA

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The LodgeCast Podcast Teaser Clip Release!


We are super excited to announce the launch of our podcast (audio that can be streamed or downloaded) and vodcast (video that can be streamed online)! We hope you enjoy this teaser!

The LodgeCast will feature broadcast radio style interviews with leading influencers, trend setters, icons, legends of society and culture. The topics that will be covered are not exclusive and will range from style, shoes, barbers, cigars, life, music, tattoos, craftsman, rockabilly, custom cars, hot rods, rat rods, lowriders, skaters, barber shop, filmmaker, indie, artists, mens grooming, product reviews, news, tips, how to’s and many more!

This is not a “men’s only” podcast because we are a “Gritty Podcast For All”. Not only do we have a podcast which is audio that can be downloaded or streamed but we also have a vodcast that can be streamed online on our website!

We are bringing our blog and magazines (The Avenue Men’s Magazine, Traditional Barber Journal, Traditional Tattoo Journal) and Films to life! Subscribe today and become a LodgeCaster!

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“Life Comes Full Circle” Barber Shop Film Release!

“Quick lil history lesson for all you up and coming barbers out there across the world who vimeo-ccbs-posterthink it’s hip and cool, and are lucky enough to be tattooed with a good job; Eric Webb and his mentor Jake were the first two dudes out of Southern California in the early 90’s to introduce the ‘look and style’ of today’s “tattooed barber” movement across the world! He might just be the reason you became a barber without you even knowing it!”
Tim co-owner of Syndicate Barber Shop in Long Beach, CA

EXCLUSIVE interview with barber icon Eric Webb. Eric is one of two men who set the pace for the Traditional Barber Revival in Southern California that has now spread around the globe.

Eric and Phil Hernandez have created an amazing shop in Orange, California that is only a few steps away from the founder of the traditional tattooed barbering movement, Jake Bricks, original shop. Although, Eric does not seek fame or prestige and his humility in the profession of barbering is a rarity.

We also included interviews with Wolfman barber, Local Barber Hirakawa from Japan and Barber Harley from South Korea! Watch them discuss the influence of American Barbering on their culture and the consequences of being tattooed barbers in their countries. This is a super rare interview that you don’t want to miss and wont find anywhere else.

To watch the full 40 min film and trailer click here
Use Promo code: JakeBricks15
for 15% off

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A Trip Down Memory Lane With American Razor Barber Shop

An eight year old boy and his father get ready to partake in a bi-weekly trip to the local barber american razor window for articleshop. As long as he can remember only one barber shop has cut his hair. This particular barber shop is located in a strip mall. As they approach the barber shop the sight of young and old sitting down patiently waiting for their turns as they watch sports on TV quickly floods the boys field of view. Upon entering the shop the sounds of laughter and muffled discussions fills the air. All the familiar smells and fragrances of musk and bay rum rushes into his nostrils as the father and son have a seat. Copies of Sports Illustrated and hunting magazines fill the shelves and it is the only time the young boy will have a chance to read these magazines. Suddenly his father signals the barber and the waiting begins.

Finally it is the young boys turn, as he gets up and looks around the barber shop he is fascinated by all the sports pennants hanging on the wood paneled walls. The only words that he is instructed to speak to the barber are, “please give me a trim and taper.” For the next 30 minutes the young boy sits on the same chair were young and old alike sit. Once american razor chairs up closethe haircut is complete and he has examined it through the handheld mirror the boy slowly rises from the chair and once again becomes an eight year old but his father has given him one more responsibility because he must pay the barber. Not only will he pay for the cut but he will also give the tip. Before he leaves the cash register the barber produces a bowl full of candy and the man-child quickly obliges and walks away completely content. 

Scenes such as these are played out all around the world and the setting may be different but barbering and life go hand-in-hand whether you’re young or old every man needs grooming. It seems like barbershops today are popping up on every corner and sometimes within a block or two of each other. Social media and superstar status have become the norm but in the college town of Fullerton, California one barbershop has been in business for over 50 years and its soul remains intact.American razor bruno spraying bottle

The shop is located  a few miles from California State University Fullerton and Fullerton College. The city has a large college population and many people are only passing through but the barber shop is a constant. During the last 50 years a few cosmetic changes have taken place but the original barber chairs remain. The wood paneled walls and the back bar got a face lift  but the shop layout and atmosphere is the same and the current owner has alot to do with that. Bruno Sanchez has been barbering since 1983 and took over the shop in 2011. Bruno is an old-fashion type of barber with the gift of gab. He may tell you stories that’ll make you question their validity but will be wholeheartedly entertaining. There is no sense of flare or “prima-donna-esque” tendencies. 

American razor closer view of whole shopAlthough Bruno may not have tens of thousands of followers on social media or possess any barber battle belts or trophies the shop is true to professional barbering. Make no mistake this is an old-fashion barber shop. What I mean by old-fashion is not a time warp or leap to another century because this shop is an original 1960’s men’s barber shop. We are talking pre-Beatles and pre-hippies! I cannot remember the last time I saw a shop in person or social media that had live plants. The colors just really pop and I am not sure if Bruno or anyone else realizes it but that is true 1800’s-early 1900’s barber decor. 

The name of the shop has changed to American Razor Barber Shop and is an institution where men can receive grooming services. A place that is not work or home american razor eaglebut is the magical third place where camaraderie and style are intertwined. 

This is my childhood barbershop where I remained a patron well into my teen years and as an adult I have been back a few times and sat in the same chair. I may be older and have a few more accomplishments under my belt but that barber chair is not concerned whether I am a child,  Mr. M, writer, publisher or a filmmaker because in that chair I am a patron. 

Walking into American Razor barber Shop floods my mind and senses with memories of being a child and the awe in which I viewed barbers. That reverence continues because barbering is sacred and vital in all communities. I am sure if anyone would have american razor bruno laughingmentioned barbering as a “game”, “hustle” or “brand” in this barber shop back in the day they would have been ridiculed and badgered.

I hope that barber shops, wherever they may be, will be encouraged to develop an institution that is built upon tradition and is conducted in a professional way because you never know who that child may grow up to be. Maybe a man who will one day write about you for his website and barber magazine. Never underestimate the influence of this ancient profession known as Barbering. Thank you for taking the trip down memory lane with me. 

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Stop! Drop! Roll! Logan Bros. Pomade Is Here


In elementary school I was taught to “Stop! Drop! Roll!” in the event that I was on fire. Those easy commands were designed to put the fire out and in the case of Logan Bros. Pomade you may need to stop, drop and roll because they are on fire with their newly launched pomade.

Nowadays pomades are hitting the market almost every week. There is very little that separates each product because most use the white plastic double-wall jars with a colorful cliche filled label. The Logan Bros. own and operate a barber shop in Orange County, CA and have really thought outside the box with their new water-based pomade.Logan Bros Pomade on sink jar alone

First things first, this is a nickel plated steel jar! I am still blown away by the shine and classic styling. Not only does the jar contain great pomade but you can also reuse it or put it on the shelf. Either way it is durable metal that will age with grace. Sure they could have taken the easy way and used the plastic white container with a sticker on it but they went the extra mile and did something I have not seen before in the industry. The label has an old paper appearance with excellent fonts that compliment the classic jar.

Another forward thinking idea is the 3 oz size. It’s not less is more because the size of the jar is FAA carry on approved. That’s right you don’t need to scoop out your beloved 4+ oz pomade and put into a smaller container to take it on a plane because Logan Bros. has that covered.

The pomade is a translucent white, as opposed to solid white, with a citrus clean scent that is pleasant and not offensive. The real greatness of this pomade is that is designed for Logan Bros Pomade on sinkyour “hair health” by using Bladderwack extract that increases blood flow to the hair follicles, Chamomile extract, Grapefruit extract & Carrot extract that promote hair and scalp health. The hold is medium-heavy and can be re-combed. Don’t expect a helmet head with this pomade if you don’t want your hair to ever move use Aquanet!

All in all, I am extremely impressed with the Logan Bros. Pomade it’s a homerun! Everything from the nickel plated container, vintage inspired label and a pomade that is looking to the future. Make sure to pickup a can or dozen for your shop.

Mr. M
Psalm 22:26

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“Real California episode 2: Corazon y Alma, Chuco Moreno”- GA Thanksgiving Film Festival 2015, 3rd selection


The 3rd and final selection of the GA Thanksgiving Film Festival 2015 is a new Chuco Real CA annoucnementepisode of Real California featuring artist and tattooer Chuco Moreno. We filmed this August 22, 2015 at the legendary Classic Tattoo in Fullerton, California. Owner Tim Hendricks preserved part of Orange County and tattoo history because the shop was once owned by Eric Maaske.

The film begins with an introduction by Jimmy Allen from Shiner Gold Pomade and was shot at Syndicate Barber Shop in Long Beach, California. Thank you Jimmy for the support and Tim & Chris for opening your house to us.

The film begins with the exterior of the shop and two individuals who have been frequenting the shop for many years. They are from the Twister car club and Steve still brings Eric’s car to the shop and parks it out front. Both men have an affinity and respect for the shop and consider it “home”.

Classic Tattoo hearkens back to the 1940’s style tattoo shop and was created to pay homage for the time period by Eric. Everything from the checkered tile, flash art and wall colors are genuine and true.

Chuco Moreno is a man of immeasurable talent and depth that brings originality and culture to the art and tattoo world. In a trade were imitation is often overlooked Chuco brings his heritage and heart to the forefront and is a herald for Neighborhood style art that originated in Chicano barrios and correctional facilities. He was also featured on the cover of the inaugural issue of the Traditional Tattoo Journal.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Real California and the interview with Chuco. This episode is sponsored by Shiner Gold Pomade, www.ShinerGold.com

The GA Thanksgiving Film Festival is an online and interactive experience, comments and feedback is welcomed.


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“Real California: The Small Farm Town Barber”- GA Thanksgiving Film Festival 2015, 2nd selection


The second selection for the GA Thanksgiving Film Festival 2015 is special because it is wild bills tff annoucnementone of the first films we ever shot and it also happens to be at one of our many favorite places to visit. This film is part of the Real California series that features artists, tattooers, barber, craftsman and unique folks throughout the great state of California who are making a difference in their communities and the world at large.

Wild Bill’s Barber Shop is located in Lindsay, CA and is a small farm town of 13,000 residents and surrounded by orchards, groves and mountains. This farm town has a depth that is a rarity these days and the folks are genuine.

Owner Rick Loftin named the shop after his father and is an homage to his character. The décor is real and not store bought which also gives a vintage but authentic nuance. From his grandmother’s old washing machine with washboard or his father’s leather jacket it is all part of who Rick is. Gotta love the Folsom Prison barber chairs!

A huge thank you to the Loftin’s whom I am proud to call our friend’s. Also to the fine folks of Lindsay that made us feel welcomed.

Note: Only one scene was stabilized but the rest is left untouched so as to give you the feeling of walking in the shop.

Stay tuned for the last selection in the GA Film Festival 2015! We hope you enjoy this film and please feel free to leave a comment.

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A Natural Pomade Made From Berkely, CA


We received a jar of pomade from the folks at Manshine Pomade and have been man shine pomade instapleasantly surprised with the ingredients and fragrance. First of all, you need to understand that this pomade is 100% natural with outstanding ingredients. This stuff is “mixed and made in Berkeley, CA” and contains coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax to name a few.The pomade is water-based.

With the rise in natural products that promote hair health Manshine Pomade is a great alternative. The fragrance is pleasant with coconut and cucumber but the rosemary definitely cuts through.

Checkout out their website for more information:


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Cover Release For Our 1st Traditional Barber Journal!


We are very honored to release the first cover of our special edition issue of The Avenue Men’s Magazine, Traditional Barber Journal. This special magazine will only be available in print with a FREE digital limited preview.

In the inaugural issue we feature barbers and individuals from the USA, UK, Canada, and Japan to name a few! Great articles all about traditional barbering from around the world!

Take a look at that amazing cover that features a photo shoot we did with Gabriel Garcia from Uptown Barber Shop in Whittier, CA as he performs an amazing transformation on these fine future gentlemen (6 month old and 2 year old).

TBJ 1 web


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Don’t Throw Away Quality Beer Bottles!


After enjoying a few high quality craft beers from The Bruery we decided to keep the bottles on our kitchen counter. After a few days Mrs. M decided the bottles would be amazing vases, so here they are.

A simple and creative idea that will liven up any room! Yes, you will have to sacrifice and drink some amazing craft beer to have the empty bottle (750 ml bottle)…Salud!

Mr. M

bruey vases

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