Tools Of Our Trade


Every craftsman employs tools to create marvelous products, goods and services. Our tools are necessary to create and forge a new path for modern men of tradition and distinction. The only tool that cannot be purchased is passion because that is from within.

pictured: Allen Edmonds Broadstreet shoes, Rode Videomic Pro, Panasonic GH4 camera, Rokinon 10mm lens, SLR Magic Hyperprime 25mm lens, Voigtlander 17.5mm lens, Anchors Hair Co. pomade, Shiner Gold pomade, 2 vintage straight razors. 

tools of GA

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Checkout Part II of Episode I, “The 90 Year Old Barber Shop”

The fine gentlemen at Cal Pine Barber Shop in Stockton, CA have an amazing tradition inbarbers infront cal pine a historic part of California.

Thank you Mr. Zaragoza and your talented and team of barbers for opening your shop and sharing your history with us.

Stay tuned for the rest of the Real California series.

***for best viewing set to HD 1080***

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Traditional Barber Shop Book Update 1.0


This book is two years in the making and we are happy to say that major progress is taking place. We are sorting through 1,000’s of photographs and editing which, if any of you know, is a labor of love but super exciting. Click here for book information.

The book will be the first of its kind 
– FIRST book to document modern traditional barber history
– FIRST book to document the revival of the traditional barber shop

Thank you for your patience and we anticipate a December 2015 release date.

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The Avenue Men’s Magazine Summer/Fall 2015 Hard Copy Release!


We are pleased to release the double cover hard copy issue of The Avenue Men’s Magazine Summer/Fall 2015! Click here to purchase!

Summer Fall 2015 hard copy release insta


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