Trailer: East Meets West- Syndicate Barber Shop, South Korea and Japan

Checkout the trailer for our new film East Meets West: Syndicate Barber Shop, South Korea and Japan. We had a blast meeting these amazing international barbers . These fine Gents are also on the cover the Traditional Barber Journal vol. I, issue II.

Thank you Tim and Chris, owners of Syndicate Barber Shop in Long Beach, CA for once again opening your house to us.

Stay tuned for the full film.

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“Real California episode 2: Corazon y Alma, Chuco Moreno”- GA Thanksgiving Film Festival 2015, 3rd selection


The 3rd and final selection of the GA Thanksgiving Film Festival 2015 is a new Chuco Real CA annoucnementepisode of Real California featuring artist and tattooer Chuco Moreno. We filmed this August 22, 2015 at the legendary Classic Tattoo in Fullerton, California. Owner Tim Hendricks preserved part of Orange County and tattoo history because the shop was once owned by Eric Maaske.

The film begins with an introduction by Jimmy Allen from Shiner Gold Pomade and was shot at Syndicate Barber Shop in Long Beach, California. Thank you Jimmy for the support and Tim & Chris for opening your house to us.

The film begins with the exterior of the shop and two individuals who have been frequenting the shop for many years. They are from the Twister car club and Steve still brings Eric’s car to the shop and parks it out front. Both men have an affinity and respect for the shop and consider it “home”.

Classic Tattoo hearkens back to the 1940’s style tattoo shop and was created to pay homage for the time period by Eric. Everything from the checkered tile, flash art and wall colors are genuine and true.

Chuco Moreno is a man of immeasurable talent and depth that brings originality and culture to the art and tattoo world. In a trade were imitation is often overlooked Chuco brings his heritage and heart to the forefront and is a herald for Neighborhood style art that originated in Chicano barrios and correctional facilities. He was also featured on the cover of the inaugural issue of the Traditional Tattoo Journal.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Real California and the interview with Chuco. This episode is sponsored by Shiner Gold Pomade,

The GA Thanksgiving Film Festival is an online and interactive experience, comments and feedback is welcomed.


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GA Thanksgiving Film Festival 2015


Thank you very much for supporting everything we do. Whether it is publishing books and magazines or launching into independent films you have stood behind us and here is a little something that we created because we can.

While most film festivals take place in different parts of the world we decided to display some of our recent work online and create our own kind of film festival.

These short films (under 10 min) are all new and exciting. We are currently in post production on our first major film project, 120 Years Of Barbering the film that will be released on DVD in April 2016.

We will post the 3 short films on our website and YouTube Channel so stay tuned. This is our way of demonstrating our Thankfulness!

Want to get involved in our many film projects? Produce, Sponsor a one of a kind film project today! Contact us for details [email protected]

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We worked long and hard on this special edition issue of the Traditional Tattoo Journal. I am extremely thankful to everyone involved. We hope you enjoy the FREE digital download of the magazine. The hard copy will be available next week for purchase.ttj release now website


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Traditional Tattoo Journal Issue I, Double Cover Reveal!


We are super excited about the special edition issue of The Avenue Men’s Magazine, Traditional Tattoo Journal and are fortunate to have a double cover featuring artist and tattooer Chuco Moreno from Classic Tattoo in Fullerton, CA.

Mr. Moreno is an icon of Neighborhood/Barrio style tattooing and remains true to his culture. He is a highly sought after artist around the world and is preserving his traditional tattoo style for generations to come.

The full interview and photos will blow you away.

double cover announcement TTJ1

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