My Friend Was Killed By An Act Of Domestic Violence


The following story is written by Michele Newbery about her friend who was killed by her 00.Comp Pagehusband after enduring an abusive relationship. We hope this story brings a reality check and reinforces the danger of domestic violence.

Michele Newbery Buckeye, AZ
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         Growing up I not only heard about domestic violence but also witnessed it. Although it was hard for me to see I kept to myself because I was scared and felt it just wasn’t my place. As I got older this changed and I wanted nothing more than to “makeup” for all the times I should’ve stepped in.
         I hate to necessarily call it an “opportunity” but the chance to step in and help a friend did present itself to me about two years ago and I did all that I could to help my friend out of her situation. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough and her life was taken at 21 yrs of age by her husband just a few months after she had her first born.She was such a bubbly person I’ll never forget the day she came into work “out of character” quiet, with no make-up, showing me marks left from the night before. I immediately offered my place to stay so she could get away and although she didn’t take me up on my offer she did listen and left him.
          A couple weeks later she gave him another chance because she found out she was pregnant. She tried to explain her reasoning for going back to him and I couldn’t understand, being a mother myself, why anyone would want to put their child in danger. She said divorce was looked down upon and she came from a very “traditional” family and was raised to stick by her husband no matter the circumstances.Although I still couldn’t grasp her choice and I tried to respect her decision and didn’t push because things were going good. Everything seemed to be ok in the public eye. I wish I knew her more to see past the smile she walked into work with everyday. I miss her everyday and my heart breaks for her beautiful daughter growing up without either parent. Instead she might be raised by the same “traditions” possibly in fear because the man she has to know as her 
EV 15 Gentlemens Parlor  PSAfather killed her mother and is still free because he was never caught. I’ll always wish I could’ve done more.
         When I first heard about Esperanza Vive I immediately supported their cause because I feel if there was more awareness of the dangers of domestic violence two years ago, or if she had more support around her when she first decided to walk away, she’d still be here today. I believe some “traditions” are meant to be broken especially if it means saving a life. Break the silence, save lives.
I’ll always remember. 
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Men and women can both be the victims of domestic violence.

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