Revival of the Traditional Barber Shop Book Cover Release!


In 2013 we started a book, the first of its kind, a modern traditional barber history that revival cover mockup 1 websitedocuments the revival as it happens. We figured why wait 15-20 years after the fact. Our goal is to document history as it is happening. Not only did we document the revival but also the founders and progenitors of the revival. The barber shops featured in the Southern California edition are influential in their communities and have a worldwide impact in the profession.

The delays have been numerous but we plan to have the book completed by the end of the year. A few delays; a photographer burned us for photos so we had to re-shoot, over 4,200 photos to sort through, selecting the right publisher, and life! Finding the right publisher proved to be a major obstacle. We sought out many publishers during the last few years but each had terms and conditions that we felt compromised the integrity of the book so we decided to do what we have done with all of our projects and that is to be independent and self publish. Another great benefit of self publishing is that we found one in the USA which is a major benefit. The drawback with these choices is a higher cost per unit. The big publishing corporations don’t make it easy for independents to publish their own books but nevertheless that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

We anticipate offering pre-orders and barbershops and companies may obtain the book at wholesale. The barbershops that participated in the book can purchase the book at cost. Our publisher offers volume discounts so that is what we’re aiming for. If we get enough pre-orders with considerable volume then we can place orders.

We thank everyone for your patience. Updates will be posted on social media and our website.


For all the barber shops that participated in the book you need to contact us ASAP to complete the interview if you haven’t already done so. Without your interview the book cannot be published and your history will not be told. I cannot stress this enough because the book is a modern traditional barber history we need you stories. Contact [email protected]

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120 Years Of Barbering: Memorial Day Tribute 2016

The two barbers featured in the film are both veterans of the United States Military and we would like to acknowledge their service to our country in MEMORIAL of all the men and women who died in military service. We choose to remember their service and sacrifice as a living MEMORIAL.

Frank Chavis was drafted by the Army and fought in WWII in the Philippines and was stationed in Japan. Fred Koon enlisted in the Air Force and was stationed in Tacoma, Washington. Both men settled in California and became barbers, Frank in Stockton and Fred in Orange County.

The film 120 Years of Barbering is about two barbers Frank-90 years young and Fred-76 years young that have a combined 120 years of barbering experience. This film is about barbering history, life, failure, addiction, success, passion and purpose.

You will never view barbering the same again.

Release Date June 2016, thank you for your patience. 

Presented by, Donnie Hawley and Layrite.

A special thank you to Los Rhythm Rockets for allowing us to use their music

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120 Years of Barbering the film: Update 1.0, “Foundation”


Looking at old barber photographs is fascinating because you get to view moments in time that willvintage barber shop pic never be repeated in the ancient profession of barbering. Or does history repeat itself?

I enjoy writing and filming anything manly and barbering is a bastion for scoundrels and gentlemen alike. Whether the barber is 20 years old straight out of barber college or the 25 year veteran both have a tradition that stretches back several millennia.

Barbering can be best viewed as a continuum because the profession remains unbroken. So when I learned about an 89 and 75 year young barbers that work in some really cool shops my interest was peaked. Immediately the spark was ignited and I knew we should capture their lives in barbering on film to preserve this great profession.

Moreover, while filming I realized that these fine gentlemen have not only been shop owners but also fathers, husbands that have experienced success, war, addiction, loss,  the Great Barber Decline, 120 years film insta 2failure, revival, and life in barbering.

From their own words you will hear their unique and eventful stories that shaped them into the men they are today and their scared profession of barbering that gives them purpose every single day and keeps them young.

You will never view barbering the same again. Watch the trailer here.


Presented by, Donnie Hawley, & Layrite

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My Friend Was Killed By An Act Of Domestic Violence


The following story is written by Michele Newbery about her friend who was killed by her 00.Comp Pagehusband after enduring an abusive relationship. We hope this story brings a reality check and reinforces the danger of domestic violence.

Michele Newbery Buckeye, AZ
IG: Pa_Pa_Razzi_  FB:

         Growing up I not only heard about domestic violence but also witnessed it. Although it was hard for me to see I kept to myself because I was scared and felt it just wasn’t my place. As I got older this changed and I wanted nothing more than to “makeup” for all the times I should’ve stepped in.
         I hate to necessarily call it an “opportunity” but the chance to step in and help a friend did present itself to me about two years ago and I did all that I could to help my friend out of her situation. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough and her life was taken at 21 yrs of age by her husband just a few months after she had her first born.She was such a bubbly person I’ll never forget the day she came into work “out of character” quiet, with no make-up, showing me marks left from the night before. I immediately offered my place to stay so she could get away and although she didn’t take me up on my offer she did listen and left him.
          A couple weeks later she gave him another chance because she found out she was pregnant. She tried to explain her reasoning for going back to him and I couldn’t understand, being a mother myself, why anyone would want to put their child in danger. She said divorce was looked down upon and she came from a very “traditional” family and was raised to stick by her husband no matter the circumstances.Although I still couldn’t grasp her choice and I tried to respect her decision and didn’t push because things were going good. Everything seemed to be ok in the public eye. I wish I knew her more to see past the smile she walked into work with everyday. I miss her everyday and my heart breaks for her beautiful daughter growing up without either parent. Instead she might be raised by the same “traditions” possibly in fear because the man she has to know as her 
EV 15 Gentlemens Parlor  PSAfather killed her mother and is still free because he was never caught. I’ll always wish I could’ve done more.
         When I first heard about Esperanza Vive I immediately supported their cause because I feel if there was more awareness of the dangers of domestic violence two years ago, or if she had more support around her when she first decided to walk away, she’d still be here today. I believe some “traditions” are meant to be broken especially if it means saving a life. Break the silence, save lives.
I’ll always remember. 
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Esperanza Vive 2015 FREE Promo Material!


We have different printed materials for the Esperanza Vive Domestic Violence Awareness 2015 campaign. You can request FREE material by clicking here (while supplies last).

All FREE materials were made possible with the sponsorship of Shiner Gold Pomade, Hawleywood’s Barber Shop, Layrite, and Anchors Hair Co. Poster artwork by the amazingly talented Miss Lisa Del Toro.

We have posters and 8 x 10 photos with quotes from notable individuals regarding Domestic Violence! 
EV 15 insta announcement get promo

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