Summer Is Quickly Approaching! Are You Ready?


We are gearing up for The Avenue Men’s Magazine Summer/Fall 2015 issue and will release the exciting cover on 5.5.15! Stay tuned because we have a great issue that will blow everyone away!

Our goal is to continue to place men’s magazines right side up! NO BS! NO FLUFF!

Summer Fall 2015 red Ace card

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A Nostalgic Pomade That Your Grandad Would Use


We are pleased to feature Grandad’s Heavyweight Hair Pomade that will remind you of a grandads heavy hair pomade2golden age of hair products and if your fortunate will remind you of your grandfather. The pomade is made in the U.S.A and contains petroleum, lanolin, beeswax, almond oil and fragrance in a amber glass jar with a black plastic lid. All Grandad’s products are made in small batches by hand in San Diego, CA.

The product has high quality performance that will appease any oil/grease based enthusiasts seeking another option to expand their pomade collection. The one thing that really stands out to me is the fragrance because they remained true to their name, Grandad’s! Here is my feeble attempt to explain it, smells like my grandfather just showered, shaved and combed his hair and splashed a lil something extra to get the ladies buzzing. It DOES NOT smell like some old crusty old man, just wanted to clear that up.

Don’t hesitate to check out Grandad’s and travel back in time to old school men’s grooming products and if your lucky it will remind you of a special elderly gent, possibly your Grandad. You can find them on Facebook and Etsy

Mr. M

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The Avenue Men’s Magazine Spring 2014 Viva Las Vegas 17 Special Issue!!

We have a 6 GOLDEN TICKETS available in select issues that will be sold ONLY AT VIVA 17!!! Over $900 in prizes from Shiner Gold Pomade, JS Sloane, Codina Leather, and GA! Make sure you pick up a copy of our Spring 2014 issue featuring exclusive content and hand numbered. Only 100 copies available at VIVA 17!!!!

– 6 GOLDEN TICKETS will be placed in the SPECIAL ISSUE SOLD AT VIVA 17.

– Not every issue is a winner!

– This contest is only for the Special VIVA limited edition that will only be sold at VIVA 17.

Viva social media golden ticket


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