The LodgeCast: Chopping Block 1.0 w/ “Chuy- Barber Battles & Man Buns”

itunes logo lodgecast 1400 x 1400The Chopping Block is a new segment of real talk with guests regarding grooming, culture, life or anything else they have on their chest! Our first guest is “Chuy” who describes his beef with barber battles and man buns. It is a hilarious segment and hope you are all entertained and intrigued.

Date filmed: 5/13/17
Guest: “Chuy”
Location: Whittier, CA
Duration: 26 minutes

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How To Look And Be Tip-Top Pt. II: Tip of Your Shoes

Continuing our discussion about the life philosophy of Tip-Top, we begin to discuss theAE boots particular elements of those things that are within your control. As we previously said, the basis for being and looking Tip-Top (How To Look and Be Tip-Top) is style, grooming and life. With the framework of looking good from the Tip of your shoes to the Top of your head, we begin at the Tip of your shoes.

I have written several articles about shoes in the past (Allen Edmonds Broadstreet, Shoes Are Essential) and strongly believe that they are one of the most powerful essentials to style that can speak volumes without ever saying a word.

The process for choosing the best shoe for the right occasion can be bewildering to some but there are a few rules of thumb that can eliminate faux pas. Rule #1, let the occasion highly influence your choice of shoe. A formal or informal occasions may require you to up the ante and select a classic/elegant or tennis shoe. Rule #2, make an impression with your shoes and let the shoes speak for themselves. Although, making an impression with your shoes cannot be the overriding factor. Going to a picnic in wingtips and trying to play volleyball in nike shoethem may not be the best choice. Rule #3, know your style and clothing because you may not be able to pull off the desired look. Not everyone can rock penny loafers or Harley boots and a pair of 501’s so be cognizant of what your personal style.

More importantly, know who and what you are before you venture out to the wild blue yonder. The best impression you can make is that which comes natural to you. No shoe, hair style, or article of clothing can ever substitute for the type of person you truly are and that will either attract or repel others.

Starting from the bottom, Tip of your shoes, and working our way to the Top will help you not only understand your style but also portray it effectively to others. Regardless of your choice of shoes remain passionate and confident in who and what you are and only then can you achieve a state of being Tip-Top.

Mr. M

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The Art Of Pomade- The Avenue Men’s Magazine Winter 2014 Sneak Peak

Editors Note: The complete article is featured on the double cover in The Avenue Men’s Magazine Winter 2014. 

In the 4th century Sun Tzu wrote The Art Of War that detailed theories and strategies in sun-tzuwarfare. The title of the book indicates that warfare is to be intellectual and calculating. Ironically the book is used in universities and CEO/leadership trainings to understand conflict and strife with the goal of overcoming adversaries.

The men’s grooming industry is in a major boom, $4.7 billion in 2009 U.S., and products are hitting the market at an alarming rate but water-based pomades in particular are making a deep impact. Many pomade companies have cordial relationships but I have observed their conflict and strife with scenarios that seem to be ripped right out of The Art Of War. Case in point, the cover shot for this article received some “concerned” feedback because certain pomades were stacked on top of others, as if, there was a hierarchy or supremacy. In truth, the pomade stack is indicative Pomade stack cover burgandy lo resof the products existence, i.e. Layrite was first and that is why they are on the bottom, not because they are inferior. I have heard stories of conflict due to using the same manufacturers and company espionage that will not be indulged.

Before I delve into the subject of pomade a historical examination is necessary. Hair products can be traced back to 3,500 years ago when Egyptians were using a fat based product to style their hair. The word pomade dates back to the 1500’s with roots in French- pommade, Latin- pomatum.  Both languages have the same etymological root of pom- fruit, apple, which was the basic or main ingredient but in modern terms, the word pomade denotes hair ointment. Pomades origin may be in fat based products and fruit but has evolved into a water-based booming industry……….

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