Episode #003 actor/rapper “Citric” podcast (audio)

Lodgecast logoDate filmed: 4/2/17
Duration: 44 minutes
Topics: Update 120 Years of Barbering Film, interview w/ Citric
Host: Mr. M founder/editor of GentlemensAvenue.com
Guest: Actor/Rapper Citric
Location: Whittier, CA


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Episode #001 “Little Willie G” podcast (audio)

Date filmed: 3/16/17Lodgecast logo
Duration: 1hour 4 min
Topics: Update Traditional Barber Journal II, interview w/ soul legend, R&B singer Willie G
Host: Mr. M founder/editor of GentlemensAvenue.com
Guest: Willie G
Location: Whittier, CA

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Episode #000 “Pilot” podcast


Lodgecast logoDate filmed: 2/19/17
Duration: 57:29
Topics: Intro, update and The Bruery “White Chocolate” beer
Host: Mr. M founder/editor of GentlemensAvenue.com
Guest: Elias Kotsios
Location: Whittier, California

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The LodgeCast Podcast Teaser Clip Release!


We are super excited to announce the launch of our podcast (audio that can be streamed or downloaded) and vodcast (video that can be streamed online)! We hope you enjoy this teaser!

The LodgeCast will feature broadcast radio style interviews with leading influencers, trend setters, icons, legends of society and culture. The topics that will be covered are not exclusive and will range from style, shoes, barbers, cigars, life, music, tattoos, craftsman, rockabilly, custom cars, hot rods, rat rods, lowriders, skaters, barber shop, filmmaker, indie, artists, mens grooming, product reviews, news, tips, how to’s and many more!

This is not a “men’s only” podcast because we are a “Gritty Podcast For All”. Not only do we have a podcast which is audio that can be downloaded or streamed but we also have a vodcast that can be streamed online on our website!

We are bringing our blog and magazines (The Avenue Men’s Magazine, Traditional Barber Journal, Traditional Tattoo Journal) and Films to life! Subscribe today and become a LodgeCaster!

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Sneak Peek Into A Magical Photo Shoot For The Traditional Barber Journal!


We have conducted well over 100 photo shoots of amazing individuals and barber shops for our website and magazine but the cover shoot for the Traditional Barber Journal vol.I, issue I was truly epic.The cover was shot at Uptown Barber Shop in Whittier, CA for the article, “A Place Where Boys Become Men“.

Owner Gabriel Garcia performed an amazing grooming transformation on these fine young men in about 20 min each! They went from drab to dapper at the hands of a skilled barber. In the article Gabriel explains the keys to producing a quality cut and creating a positive experience.

We just couldn’t hold back and had to release this SNEAK PEEK! The barber chair is a Theo A. Kochs circa late 1800’s!
TBJ 2015 Uptown greating boys insta

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NOW AVAILABLE! The Avenue Men’s Magazine Summer 2014

We have worked long and hard on the Summer 2014 and are proud to release it!
Thank you Omar Romero, Quyen Dinh and everyone who participated in the magazine.

You can purchase a hard copy by clicking here.

We are honored to offer you the FREE digital version as a token of our appreciation!

cover montage download now with toc

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