Tools Of Our Trade


Every craftsman employs tools to create marvelous products, goods and services. Our tools are necessary to create and forge a new path for modern men of tradition and distinction. The only tool that cannot be purchased is passion because that is from within.

pictured: Allen Edmonds Broadstreet shoes, Rode Videomic Pro, Panasonic GH4 camera, Rokinon 10mm lens, SLR Magic Hyperprime 25mm lens, Voigtlander 17.5mm lens, Anchors Hair Co. pomade, Shiner Gold pomade, 2 vintage straight razors. 

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Let me start by wishing you a Happy New Year and I hope everything you aspire to Letter and Radio dial NY2015complete comes to fruition in 2016. The new year has become a symbol of a fresh start and a chance to assess, contemplate, decide and execute things that were not accomplished in the previous year. In other words, it is a “second chance” of sorts but the truth of the matter is that the only things that changes is the calendar if no actions are taken.

To make an assessment of ones life requires information, data and honesty because many of the things that have transpired during the past year may be good and bad. So is the story of life but the danger is watering down the “bad/negative” experiences and hyping the “good/positive” experiences.

Once you distinguish the two the next step is to contemplate. That means taking a step back and don’t let the refreshed memories taint or emotionally overwhelm your decision. This is crucial because you can avoid a rush to judgement by careful contemplation.

Now that you have assessed and contemplated you must decide which action to take. That means you will look at the next 365 days as a chance to change and fulfill whatever goals and aspirations you have set for your self. Easy but not simple.

The final and crucial part is taking action because everything else is worthless if it is merely a “resolution”. All actions must be realistic and plausible. There is no point in setting yourself up for failure. Actions must also be well thought out and incremental. That means some decisions will require baby steps while others will be leaps into the darkness. Understanding the difference between the two is vital.

Today I spent most of the chilly morning shopping for hidden vintage diamonds but it was  not at a hipster den of the many “thrift stores”. Nothing wrong with them but I prefer the Inside of RCA NY2015haunts of my childhood, the swap meet. Digging through what looks like a hoarders loot on display is time consuming but also enjoyable. I ran across a box of old tube radios and proceeded to negotiate the sale. After some bargaining I purchased radios in varying conditions. The guy told me, “take the whole box because I don’t want to load it back in the truck.”

A few other small items were in the box but an envelope caught my eye because it was dated November 25, 1945 with a 3 cent stamp that read “Win The War”. America and the world were at war and peoples lives were affected by it and time did not stop for no one. Many new years have passed since the envelope was mailed.

I am not the first or last person on this earth and with this new year a plethora of choices will be made but I must be careful to asses, contemplate, decide and execute for the new year and failing to do so means that the only thing that will change is the calendar.

Mr. M

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Traditional Barber Shop Book Update 1.0


This book is two years in the making and we are happy to say that major progress is taking place. We are sorting through 1,000’s of photographs and editing which, if any of you know, is a labor of love but super exciting. Click here for book information.

The book will be the first of its kind 
– FIRST book to document modern traditional barber history
– FIRST book to document the revival of the traditional barber shop

Thank you for your patience and we anticipate a December 2015 release date.

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The Avenue Men’s Magazine Summer/Fall 2015 Hard Copy Release!


We are pleased to release the double cover hard copy issue of The Avenue Men’s Magazine Summer/Fall 2015! Click here to purchase!

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What Kind Of Men Will These Boys Become?


Don’t miss out on the amazing inaugural issue of the Traditional Barber Journal that features many great articles and photographs. One great feature is a photo-shoot and transformation of two lil gents, 6 months and 2 years old, as they get groomed at Uptown Barbers in Whittier, CA.

Here is one gem from the photo-shoot. Don’t forget that these young men will grow into men who can influence the world in style, grooming and life. Nicholas Kotsios (2 years old) is sitting in a barber chair from early 1900’s! Teach them young.

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