The LodgeCast podcast beer review: The Bruery Or Xata 2017


A few weeks ago we received a care package from the fine folks at The Bruery and we are happy to review the 2017 Or Xata beer. Thank you Cambria and awesome Bruery team for producing another great beer!

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The LodgeCast: Unboxing The Bruery Craft Beer


We decided to film the unboxing of a care package we received from The Bruery. In a future podcast we will have a review. Stay tuned.

Thank you Cambria and awesome Bruery team!

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The Modern Renaissance Man part I: The Barber Shop


The modern renaissance man is multi-faceted and contains many key components that vitruvian new design instawill be written about in subsequent articles. The first subject we will breach is men and barber shops.

If you really think about it mankind has needed to address grooming issues since the beginning of time. Whether it is shaving or getting a haircut men need to differentiate themselves from women. Grooming is interlocked with identity and self-expression.

While cultures may set the trends it is the barber that makes the grooming style possible. Not only is the barber shop a place were grooming needs are met but it is also a manly social club conducive to all things manly.

The barber and shop is a place of reverence and trust because men are transformed from a scroungy appearance to something they can take pride in. The fresh low taper or high cocksbarber instaand tight can give an extra boost of confidence.

The barber shop has always been a place were fish tales can be spun and lives can be shared. Until this point in history there wasn’t a threat of a Tweet or “post” going out that eluded to what was said. There should be no room for gossip or rumor mongers in a barber shop. The security and confidentiality of clients is paramount.

A barber’s job is not only to produce the best haircut possible but also be the best sounding board and interpreter of style. Although barbers may have “trophies” there is no perfect cut. I do not want the “fastest fade or taper” but instead prefer the best one possible.

The modern renaissance man must understand and appreciate the vital institution of the local barber shop. Not only is it a historical institution but also a manly tradition that must continue. After all, where else will you get a haircut? A salon?

Mr. M

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Don’t Throw Away Quality Beer Bottles!


After enjoying a few high quality craft beers from The Bruery we decided to keep the bottles on our kitchen counter. After a few days Mrs. M decided the bottles would be amazing vases, so here they are.

A simple and creative idea that will liven up any room! Yes, you will have to sacrifice and drink some amazing craft beer to have the empty bottle (750 ml bottle)…Salud!

Mr. M

bruey vases

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