The Adventures of Dapper Kid- GA Thanksgiving Film Festival 2015 short #1

We decided to make a cool short film about a toddlers visit to a local barber shop because Dapper kid annoucnementquite frankly it would be cool. When you think about what a barber shop is the image of a manly bastion of testosterone and grooming comes to mind. A little bit of humor and beer and you are in for one hell of a good time.

Whittier Blvd has a long and colorful history in Southern California and Uptown Barber Shop was an ideal location to shoot. Not only was the location great but also Gabriel, the owner, truly has a knack for cutting young and old alike. A few months ago we took 6 month old Desi and 2 year old Nicholas Kotsios for a photo shoot for the inaugural issue of the Traditional Barber Journal and it was perfect.

So in a sense this video is a follow-up that documents a true traditional barber performing his profession on a toddler who is able to walk down the Blvd and recognizes the need for proper grooming. So we hope you enjoy the first episode of The Adventures of Dapper Kid, “The Kid and The Barber”!

Stay tuned for more short films in the GA Thanksgiving Film Festival 2015!

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The Traditional Tattoo Journal Cover Release!


Here is another special edition issue of The Avenue Men’s Magazine that we are sure will make an impact in the industry. As with all of our publications there is NO BS and NO FLUFF! We demonstrate our great respect and admiration for this sacred art in our pages.

Tattooing is an ancient art form that continues to be “A Bold Tradition”.

*****If you want to submit an article or photos for this special issue contact us today. Also, advertising space is available, [email protected]

ttj cover release

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Take A Look At The Avenue Men’s Magazine Summer/Fall 2015 Cover!


We are proud to release our cover for The Avenue Men’s Magazine Summer/Fall 2015 issue. The cover features Justin Reissman photographed by Sean Wilkinson. IG: J_Running_Wild

The issue contains tons of great articles about style, grooming and life. We managed to slip in a few surprises!


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