Episode #001 “Little Willie G” podcast (audio)

Date filmed: 3/16/17Lodgecast logo
Duration: 1hour 4 min
Topics: Update Traditional Barber Journal II, interview w/ soul legend, R&B singer Willie G
Host: Mr. M founder/editor of GentlemensAvenue.com
Guest: Willie G
Location: Whittier, CA

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Episode #000 “Pilot” podcast


Lodgecast logoDate filmed: 2/19/17
Duration: 57:29
Topics: Intro, update and The Bruery “White Chocolate” beer
Host: Mr. M founder/editor of GentlemensAvenue.com
Guest: Elias Kotsios
Location: Whittier, California

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Revival of the Traditional Barber Shop Book Cover Release!


In 2013 we started a book, the first of its kind, a modern traditional barber history that revival cover mockup 1 websitedocuments the revival as it happens. We figured why wait 15-20 years after the fact. Our goal is to document history as it is happening. Not only did we document the revival but also the founders and progenitors of the revival. The barber shops featured in the Southern California edition are influential in their communities and have a worldwide impact in the profession.

The delays have been numerous but we plan to have the book completed by the end of the year. A few delays; a photographer burned us for photos so we had to re-shoot, over 4,200 photos to sort through, selecting the right publisher, and life! Finding the right publisher proved to be a major obstacle. We sought out many publishers during the last few years but each had terms and conditions that we felt compromised the integrity of the book so we decided to do what we have done with all of our projects and that is to be independent and self publish. Another great benefit of self publishing is that we found one in the USA which is a major benefit. The drawback with these choices is a higher cost per unit. The big publishing corporations don’t make it easy for independents to publish their own books but nevertheless that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

We anticipate offering pre-orders and barbershops and companies may obtain the book at wholesale. The barbershops that participated in the book can purchase the book at cost. Our publisher offers volume discounts so that is what we’re aiming for. If we get enough pre-orders with considerable volume then we can place orders.

We thank everyone for your patience. Updates will be posted on social media and our website.


For all the barber shops that participated in the book you need to contact us ASAP to complete the interview if you haven’t already done so. Without your interview the book cannot be published and your history will not be told. I cannot stress this enough because the book is a modern traditional barber history we need you stories. Contact [email protected]

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“Life Comes Full Circle” Barber Shop Film Release!

“Quick lil history lesson for all you up and coming barbers out there across the world who vimeo-ccbs-posterthink it’s hip and cool, and are lucky enough to be tattooed with a good job; Eric Webb and his mentor Jake were the first two dudes out of Southern California in the early 90’s to introduce the ‘look and style’ of today’s “tattooed barber” movement across the world! He might just be the reason you became a barber without you even knowing it!”
Tim co-owner of Syndicate Barber Shop in Long Beach, CA

EXCLUSIVE interview with barber icon Eric Webb. Eric is one of two men who set the pace for the Traditional Barber Revival in Southern California that has now spread around the globe.

Eric and Phil Hernandez have created an amazing shop in Orange, California that is only a few steps away from the founder of the traditional tattooed barbering movement, Jake Bricks, original shop. Although, Eric does not seek fame or prestige and his humility in the profession of barbering is a rarity.

We also included interviews with Wolfman barber, Local Barber Hirakawa from Japan and Barber Harley from South Korea! Watch them discuss the influence of American Barbering on their culture and the consequences of being tattooed barbers in their countries. This is a super rare interview that you don’t want to miss and wont find anywhere else.

To watch the full 40 min film and trailer click here
Use Promo code: JakeBricks15
for 15% off

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Trailer: East Meets West- Syndicate Barber Shop, South Korea and Japan

Checkout the trailer for our new film East Meets West: Syndicate Barber Shop, South Korea and Japan. We had a blast meeting these amazing international barbers . These fine Gents are also on the cover the Traditional Barber Journal vol. I, issue II.

Thank you Tim and Chris, owners of Syndicate Barber Shop in Long Beach, CA for once again opening your house to us.

Stay tuned for the full film.

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The Modern Renaissance Man part I: The Barber Shop


The modern renaissance man is multi-faceted and contains many key components that vitruvian new design instawill be written about in subsequent articles. The first subject we will breach is men and barber shops.

If you really think about it mankind has needed to address grooming issues since the beginning of time. Whether it is shaving or getting a haircut men need to differentiate themselves from women. Grooming is interlocked with identity and self-expression.

While cultures may set the trends it is the barber that makes the grooming style possible. Not only is the barber shop a place were grooming needs are met but it is also a manly social club conducive to all things manly.

The barber and shop is a place of reverence and trust because men are transformed from a scroungy appearance to something they can take pride in. The fresh low taper or high cocksbarber instaand tight can give an extra boost of confidence.

The barber shop has always been a place were fish tales can be spun and lives can be shared. Until this point in history there wasn’t a threat of a Tweet or “post” going out that eluded to what was said. There should be no room for gossip or rumor mongers in a barber shop. The security and confidentiality of clients is paramount.

A barber’s job is not only to produce the best haircut possible but also be the best sounding board and interpreter of style. Although barbers may have “trophies” there is no perfect cut. I do not want the “fastest fade or taper” but instead prefer the best one possible.

The modern renaissance man must understand and appreciate the vital institution of the local barber shop. Not only is it a historical institution but also a manly tradition that must continue. After all, where else will you get a haircut? A salon?

Mr. M

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We decided to simplify the FREE digital download by adding that feature on our website. The hard copy is still available for purchase by clicking here.gent_ave_cover

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