Real California Episode 1 Trailer!

We traveled over 1,200 miles across the state of California and visited a few Real Californians.Ga Real California for trailer release on website These fine folks are craftsman and artists that are keeping traditions alive. Stay tuned for the short video.

Thank you Cody Wellema from Wellema Hat Co., Cal-Pine Barber Shop, Ed and Doug Hardy from Ed Hardy’s Tattoo City, Rick Loftin from Wild Bill’s Barber Shop and all the amazing people we met in their shops and along the way.

A special thank you to our EXCLUSIVE SPONSOR Hawleyood’s Barber Shop and Layrite, thank you for the support Donnie!

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What Kind Of Men Will These Boys Become?


Don’t miss out on the amazing inaugural issue of the Traditional Barber Journal that features many great articles and photographs. One great feature is a photo-shoot and transformation of two lil gents, 6 months and 2 years old, as they get groomed at Uptown Barbers in Whittier, CA.

Here is one gem from the photo-shoot. Don’t forget that these young men will grow into men who can influence the world in style, grooming and life. Nicholas Kotsios (2 years old) is sitting in a barber chair from early 1900’s! Teach them young.

nico reading magazine 2 to 20 insta


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Support From Around The World!

We are honored and grateful for everyone’s support of our publications. In particular Mr. Toshiyuki Abe from Kawasaki, Japan. He is the owner and operator of Mid-Century Barber Shop and has one of the most impressive traditional barber shops in the world. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Midcentury Support

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A Young Ed Hardy Makes An Appearance On Our Cover!


We are honored to have an additional cover for The Avenue Men’s Magazine Winter/Spring 2015 issue. The front cover features a photo of Mr. Hardy at his art studio in the present day, the additional cover will be the first page you see when you open the magazine and features a young Ed Hardy in 1956 drawing tattoos with pens/mascara/eye liner on a friend.

Not sure what you were doing at the age of 10 or 11 but Ed Hardy was already enthralled with the art of tattooing! This is a must read issue with many exclusives featured throughout the magazine. Magazine release date 1.11.15

Winter 2015 cover release insta Ed       Winter 2015 cover additional release insta Ed

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Exclusive: Ed Hardy Is Our Winter/Spring 2015 Cover!


Every so often you get a chance to live the dream and the experience we had in San Winter 2015 cover release insta EdFrancisco was magical! Mr. Ed Hardy allowed us to visit Tattoo City in San Francisco and his personal studio for a few hours! This was an EXCLUSIVE one on one photo shoot with a National Treasure of the art world, tattooing, fashion and culture! You better not miss this issue.

Also, tons of great articles about craftsman, barbers, grooming products, style, and grooming!

The Winter/Spring issue will be available January 2015! Stay tuned and make sure to get this issue!

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