What Kind Of Men Will These Boys Become?


Don’t miss out on the amazing inaugural issue of the Traditional Barber Journal that features many great articles and photographs. One great feature is a photo-shoot and transformation of two lil gents, 6 months and 2 years old, as they get groomed at Uptown Barbers in Whittier, CA.

Here is one gem from the photo-shoot. Don’t forget that these young men will grow into men who can influence the world in style, grooming and life. Nicholas Kotsios (2 years old) is sitting in a barber chair from early 1900’s! Teach them young.

nico reading magazine 2 to 20 insta


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Support From Around The World!

We are honored and grateful for everyone’s support of our publications. In particular Mr. Toshiyuki Abe from Kawasaki, Japan. He is the owner and operator of Mid-Century Barber Shop and has one of the most impressive traditional barber shops in the world. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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Sneak Peek Into A Magical Photo Shoot For The Traditional Barber Journal!


We have conducted well over 100 photo shoots of amazing individuals and barber shops for our website and magazine but the cover shoot for the Traditional Barber Journal vol.I, issue I was truly epic.The cover was shot at Uptown Barber Shop in Whittier, CA for the article, “A Place Where Boys Become Men“.

Owner Gabriel Garcia performed an amazing grooming transformation on these fine young men in about 20 min each! They went from drab to dapper at the hands of a skilled barber. In the article Gabriel explains the keys to producing a quality cut and creating a positive experience.

We just couldn’t hold back and had to release this SNEAK PEEK! The barber chair is a Theo A. Kochs circa late 1800’s!
TBJ 2015 Uptown greating boys insta

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