Book: Revival Of The Traditional Barber Shop

In 1996 Ronald S. Barlow wrote a book titled The Vanishing American Barber Shop, AnVanishing barber shop cover Illustrated History of Tonsorial Art 1860-1960. Not only does the book document barbering, social/cultural changes but also the instruments of the trade.  The photographs, manuals, advertisements from this magical period of barbering brings the book to life and memorializes the history of the tonsorial artisans.

The book’s goal was to capture an American institution that was “vanishing” from society and culture. Amazingly the traditional barber shop did not vanish and has been revived by dedicated professionals. Since we have written numerous articles about traditional barber shops from all over the world we decided to create a special book about this great revival! It is time to document the current history of the great craft of barbering.

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Our book, Revival Of The Traditional Barber Shop will be a series. We are starting in our own backyard, Southern California and plan to create other regional editions. (Click Image to enlarge)





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