Traditional Barber Journal

We are producing theĀ FIRST ever, TRADITIONAL BARBER JOURNAL! It will be a scholarly work to preserve the great tradition known as barbering. The TBJ will feature history, stories, modern traditions and international barbers.

No corners will be cut and only hard work and passion will fuel this journal.

If you are an experienced traditional barber who likes to write and/or take photos please contact us. Also, if you have suggestions about articles you would like to see featured please contact us
[email protected]
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2 thoughts on “Traditional Barber Journal

  1. Traditional barbering is my true heart and passion in me becoming a barber. I’ve been a barber for 4 years and have owned my own shop since July of 2012. I live and breath barbering. I want to be a part in anyway. Thank you, Jeremy

  2. Is it possible to get a hard copy of the traditional barber journal magazine also interested in the book thank you and good luck.

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